Blueberry Jam with Chamomile

This easy, no pectin Blueberry jam recipe is subtly flavored with mellow and herby Chamomile.


Blueberries Sugar Lemon Juice & Chamomile Tea Bags

Prepare your canning supplies and jars. Then collect all your ingredients and begin the jam.

Gather Canning Supplies

Prepare the fruit as indicated in the full recipe. And remember to always wash your fruit well.

Prepare the Berries

Infusing the Jam

Clip the chamomile tea bags onto the rim o the preserving pan when adding all the ingredients. Let the chamomile flavor infuse the blueberry jam for the entire cooking time.

Pectin Free Jam

For the past couple of years, I’ve gone pectin-free.  I think the preserves taste much cleaner.


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