Crock Pot  Pinto Beans

flavored with onions, jalapeños, garlic and spices

effortless & versatile

We eat these slow-cooker pinto beans probably every other week.


dried pinto beans

onion and jalapeno

garlic & olive oil

chipotle in adobo

dry Guajillo or Pasilla chili

herbs & seasonings

Stock or Broth

About Dried Beans

"dried beans are healthier, more economical, and environmentally friendly"

To Soak or  Not to Soak!

You can make these pinto beans in the instant pot or on the stove top by following this chart.

Pinto Beans in  the Crock Pot

let your slow cooker do the heavy lifiting!

Are They Done?

"Beans are done when they are velvety to their absolute middles.  You should feel, as soon as you taste one, as though you want to eat another.  The whole pot is only ready when five beans meet that description.  If one doesn’t, let the beans keep cooking…Tamar Adler

Make a big pot and enjoy pinto beans for days!

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