DIY Christmas 

Money Gift Envelopes

What You Need for these DIY Christmas Money Gift Envelopes

White Card Stock Printer Scissors Glue Designs

Download the designs you choose and print them on cardstock. I set my printer to the highest quality print to get the nicest, richest colors.

If you find yourself in need of a Christmas Money Gift Envelope this year, I’ve just saved you 6 hours!


Fold as instructed, then turn the envelope over and lightly glue along the folded tab. I didn’t put glue at the very top of the tab, as I trimmed it at an angle.

And just like that, you have some charming little envelopes in which to tuck an much appreciated gift of money for just about anyone on your list!

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Make a whole bunch and leave them un-Monogrammed for easy stocking stuffers or as an add-on DIY gift to some new tech gadget.

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