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DIY Christmas Money Gift Envelopes

Download these free designs, cut them out and add a wee bit of glue and you will have charming Gift Envelopes in no time. These DIY Christmas Money Gift Envelopes make the gift of money just that much more festive.

So, here’s a quick peek into my life. If you have read the book, “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie”, this story will sound familiar.

Yesterday morning I was putting together a package to send to my brother and his family. Specifically, the package included several jars of my Pickled Cranberries (which my brother LOVES in his salads, sandwiches, and Bourbon) and a bag of freshly baked Amaretti.

As I was getting ready to tape up the box, I realized that I ought to include the gifts for my niece and nephew as well. I am sending them $ this year, so I went looking for two cute envelopes or cards to house the gifts.

Unfortunately, it appears I have used up my stash of cards and such. Since it was early Sunday morning and I didn’t want to go to the store at all if I didn’t have to, I decided I could probably find a cute design online.

So, I went to the Googler and after scrolling through a couple pages, I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t like any of the designs and could probably make one myself.

So, I opened my design software and figured out how to make an envelope. Then, I had so much fun making envelopes, I spent the rest of my morning designing them!

At the end of the morning, I had made five designs and finally told myself, ‘Enough already, Lynn! You have boxes of Christmas decor strewn about the house and you’ve just spent 6 hours designing envelopes!’

Christmas Money Gift Envelopes on a tree

So, the good news is that I can finally get my brother’s package in the mail!

And more good news…if you find yourself in need of a Christmas Money Gift Envelope this year, I’ve just saved you 6 hours!

What You Need for these DIY Christmas Money Gift Envelopes

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  • White Card Stock (technically, you could use printer paper, but the card stock just looks so much nicer)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Designs (All five designs are available in the Subscriber Benefits Library. If you are not a subscriber, you can sign up here or click the following button to have the five designs sent directly to your inbox.

How to Make Your Envelopes

This is such a simple and enjoyable project!

  • Download the designs you choose and print them on cardstock. I set my printer to the highest quality print to get the nicest, richest colors.
  • Cut the designs, making sure to cut inside the dotted lines.
  • Fold the designs. I didn’t make marks where to fold as I didn’t want them to show on the envelop, but use the following as a guide.
  • Turn the envelope over and lightly glue along the folded tab. I didn’t put glue at the very top of the tab, as I trimmed it at an angle.
  • Trim the exposed tab at an angle, if desired

And just like that, you have some charming little envelopes in which to tuck an much appreciated gift of money for just about anyone on your list!

And with that done, I can now get that package in the mail!

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Christmas Money Gift Envelopes in a Christmas Tree
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