Christmas Sweater Ornaments

a creative and fun project

Christmas  Sweater Time

You can personalize them with initials or other ornamentation. Truly the possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Material Needed

10′ X 10″ piece of batting

Embroidery Needle

Red and Green felt

Floss in a variety of colors

Fading ink pen in a light color

White Carbon Paper

6-inch Embroidery Hoop

Doll Hangers

Step-by-step illustrated instructions and a printable pattern make this an easy Christmas ornament project. Print off the pattern, which you can access here.

Trace the Pattern

Don’t cut the sweater pieces out until you’ve done whatever embroidery you want to.

Title 2

I ‘freehanded’ all my embroidery, just using the designs as a guide, but you could also use carbon paper to trace the designs from the pattern onto the felt.

Then, cut out the batting for the inside of your sweater.

Sew the Edges

Using a blanket stitch, attach the front and back to each other.

That’s it! How easy is that? Hang them on these tiny hangers and enjoy them all season long!

Merry Christmas!

Give these ornaments as gifts this year!

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