DIY Macrame Wire Votive Holder

Written and illustrated instructions and a video showing how to make a lovely beaded DIY macramé wire votive holder.


You will tie many square knots to make this DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holder; you want to be comfortable with tying this knot.

Square Knot

If you are new to square knots, don’t let that deter you! I show step by step how to tie a square knot.

DIY  Macrame Board

Instructions on how to cut your macrame board to use for many gift ideas.

The Beginning

Under, over and through, I will show you how to complete this beautiful votive holder.

Add the BEADS

After tying the square knots under your beads, your wire macramé should look like this...

FINISHING  the Votive

I used two pieces of sturdy packing tape to secure the wire macramé to the votive.

Crimp the Wires

Time to complete the pattern.


Put the glass votive back in your DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holder

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