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DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holder

Written and illustrated instructions and a video showing how to make a lovely beaded DIY macramé wire votive holder. If you are new to square knots, don’t let that deter you! I show step by step how to tie a square knot.

Now, this was a fun little project! I haven’t macraméd in…well, let’s just say it’s been a while! But the little creative angel who sits on my shoulder whispered this idea into my head, and I am so glad she did!

Surely you could macramé some of these festive and sparkly votive holders for your own use; I think they’ll be especially lovely adorning a Christmas mantel or as an element of a shimmery dining room table setting. But, what a splendid little gift they would make as well! This DIY macramé wire votive holder is a handmade gift that doesn’t scream ‘DIY.’

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If it’s been forever and a year since you were a scout tying square knots, not to worry! I’ve got you covered with this illustrated step-by-step. I show three strands of white in the middle to mirror what we will do with the macramé wires when we start working on them.

How to Tie a Square Knot

You will tie many square knots to make this DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holder; you want to be comfortable with tying this knot.

If you are unfamiliar with tying square knots, here’s an illustration. I show the process in the video and images below, but it is easier to see with two different colors of yarn than with the wire.

are you a visual learner?

I gotcha! Watch this video to see all the steps. You can pin it to your Pinterest Board to be able to easily refer to it in the future.

DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holder

Supplies and Materials Needed to Make a DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holder

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Material Needed for DIY Macrame Wire Votive Holder

The material and sizes here will produce a wire votive holder that is approximately 2.75″ high and 7″ to 7.5″ long. This will cover a 2.5″ high votive with a circumference of 6.5″.

  • Glass votive (2.5″ high votive with a 2″ diameter)
  • 24-gauge wire (28.3 feet of wire) Seventeen pieces, cut into 20″ lengths. This specific spool of wire would create three Macramé Wire Votive Holders.
  • Beads – approximately 30 for this size votive. My beads are approximately 8mm, but use whatever size you want. You get a sense of what the 8mm look like in my pictures.
  • Macramé board or foam core
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Razor to slice into foam core (if you will be making your macramé board)
  • Painters tape or masking tape and something stronger, like packing tape
  • Tweezers
Directions for straightening wire.

If you don’t have a macramé board, you can make your own with a piece of foam core. For ease of use, make the foam core several inches shorter than the length of the wire. In this case, my foam core is 11″ long, while my wire is 20″ long.

Cut seven slits at the top of your piece of foam core, in the middle. The slits should be 1/2″ apart from each other and 1/2″ long. Place a piece of tape under the 1/2″ cuts so that the wire doesn’t cut into the foam core.

Measuring and making your won macrame board.

Cut similar slits at the bottom so that you can ‘tuck’ the wire in to keep it out of the way as necessary.

How to Make the DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holder

Work three sets of square knots

Place one wire in the first of the seven slots, three wires in the next five slots, then one more wire in the last slot…a total of seventeen wires.

Then Add the Beads to the Single Wires

After tying the square knots under your beads, your wire macramé should look like this ⬇

Finished second row of beaded wire macrame.

On this row, we will tie half-hitches on the outside and more square knots inside

At the end of this row, your beaded wire macramé should look like this ⬇

Finished repeat of wire macrame.

Stay in this pattern

Showing the different \'rows\' needed to make this DIY Macrame Wire Votive Holder.

You will continue working your beaded wire macramé, alternating rows 1 and 2 until your work measures between 7″ and 7.5″.

directions for how to make a different size votive holder.

Take your beaded wire macramé off of your board

Finished beaded wire macrame before it is wrapped around glass votive.

Tape the macramé to the glass votive

I used two pieces of sturdy packing tape to secure the wire macramé to the votive.

Use tape to secure the wire macrame around the glass votive while you bend the wire ends.

Twist the ends to close the beaded wire macramé snugly around the votive

You will have the same number of ‘loose ends’ on each side of your macramé. Line them up as much as possible and twist them to close your work. Feel free to add a bead where needed.

Securing the ends of the wire of the macrame.

Snip any long ends with your scissors.

Use your tweezers to bend wire ends

Remove the wire macramé from the glass votive and use your tweezers to bend and secure your loose and pokey wires.

Using tweezers to secure the ends of the wire macrame.

Put the glass votive back in your DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holder

Grab a little candle and matches

Light the little beauty and enjoy your handiwork!

Three beaded DIY Macramé Wire Votive Holders filled with burning candles sitting on a book.

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