A Wrapping Paper Cart

How to Make

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If you have dreams of organized gift wrap storage dancing in your head along with sugar plums, this DIY wrapping paper organizer cart will make all your Christmas dreams come true!


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1. Paper stands up straight 2. Easily see all supplies 3. Holds gift bags too 4. Store away when done

This is why I love this organizing cart.

the  truth is...

Perhaps the most cherished, invaluable, can’t live without, rocks-my-world detail of my new DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer is...


Yes, you read that right!

Plenty of Room

The storage up front holds my tape and random wrapping doodads.

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Storage in the back of my Wrapping Paper Storage Cart holds folded sheets of tissue paper and a folder of gift tags, receipts, and pens.

Watch my handy Red Wrapping Paper Cart  video here.

My DIY gift wrap cart comes in a fun and snappy candy apple red and the ‘cargo hold’  is the perfect wrapping paper storage space year-round.

DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer Cart @nourishandnestle

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 Merry Christmas!