with Lavender Glaze

tea cakes

mini cakes perfect for the Spring & Easter 

Serve them Tea Cakes  for Easter

These Easter Vanilla Mini Cakes are made even more delicious with an uncomplicated Lavender Glaze.


Unsalted Plugra Butter

Sugar & Eggs

Vanilla & Almond extracts

Cake Flour

Baking Powder & Salt

Plain Yogurt


Let's Talk Butter

The difference between American and European style butter is a higher fat content. That higher fat content, along with fermenting or added cultures, results in a creamier, more flavorful and often tangier butter.

Lavender Glaze

Once the mini cakes have cooled, drizzle on the lavendar glaze.

Whole Milk Culinary Lavender Buds Powdered Sugar Vanilla Extract

Sprinkle a few culinary lavender buds over the wet glaze. This touch would be especially lovely during the spring!

Easter Tea Cakes

Easter Tea Cakes

These Lavender Mini Cakes just say Spring and Easter to me! Don't they to you?

Mother's Day  Mini Cakes, too!

I also think these mini cakes would be delightful to serve Mom on Mother's Day!

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