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DIY Outdoor Spring Wreath

DIY Outdoor Spring Wreath Idea – Instructions and supply list for how to make a beautiful outdoor Spring Wreath. Spring is coming, it’s time to get busy on your spring wreath ideas and get your front porch ready for spring!

When I went outside today, my senses were on high alert.  They knew something was missing.  Not only was there no freezing rain, no ice, no snow, but the temperature was actually hovering in the range which the weatherman might find ‘normal’ for this time of year.  Could it be?

 Could this longest of long winters actually be coming to close?  I know you’ll forgive my cliched thoughts for breaking out in ‘Here comes the Sun’ by the Beatles.

There haven’t been many places in the continental US that can’t relate to my pre-spring glee and truthfully, my little neck of the world really was spared the worst of what winter bore this year.  So I hope that many of you reading this are also enjoying a sneak peek of spring and are encouraged that it winter will ultimately be ending…soon.

DIY Outdoor Spring Wreath: Close up of finished DIY moss wreath

 “Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter, Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here.”

This Spring Sneak Peak forced me outside and made me notice that my front porch needed me to add a little spring to it!  So I got my craft on, thought about some outdoor spring wreath ideas, grabbed some moss and fashioned a DIY spring wreath for my front door which will surely do its part in welcoming spring.

Supplies for my DIY Outdoor Spring Wreath: 

Outdoor Spring supplies: unadorned moss wreath on porch before decorating
DIY Spring Wreath Supplies: close up of moss wreath supplies, moss, bird nest with eggs, and small plastic toy bird
  • I used a moss wreath that I’ve been recycling with layers of moss for several years.  Today I stripped it down to its initial moss layer as a base for where I wanted to go.
  • I picked up a nest with eggs, some reindeer moss and a little bird at Michaels the other day
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Green Ribbon that matched the moss color.

Now, the eggs and bird really gave me a struggle. Michaels had nest with eggs, but only little Robin eggs, which I really liked.  But…no Robins…anywhere in the store.  I spent an inordinate amount of time searching through their fake bird inventory, convinced that there had to be a Robin lurking somewhere!  Finally, I reasoned with my anal side that my front door moss wreath did NOT have to portray the laws of nature 100% accurately.  I’m taking a little artistic liberty here, so bear with me.

DIY Spring Wreath: Close up of birds nest on spring wreath

How to make a DIY Outdoor Spring Wreath:

  • I tend to asymmetry in most things.  So I glued my reindeer moss primarily on 1/3 of the wreath.
  • I took all the little tchotchke-stuff off of my little nest so it was just the eggs and the nest.
  • Glued my bird on the side of the nest and glued the nest into the moss.
  • Put my ribbon on and hung it up.

My outdoor spring wreath idea provided the necessary ‘oomph’ I needed to re-energize myself, my front porch and my home. If you love the mossy spring wreath, you’re looking for spring decorating ideas, you might want to take a look these DIY Moss Balls. They’re a great spring craft and decorating idea.

DIY Spring Wreath: finished moss wreath hanging outside on front door

Happy Spring!

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