Game Day PULLED BEEF Sandwiches

the best fork-tender, pull-apart beef for football and sandwiches

Pulled Beef in the Crock Pot

Use this Slow Cooker Pulled Beef with our homemade bbq sauce for sandwiches.



Broth or Red Wine

Beef Chuck Roast


Worcestershire Sauce

Smoked Paprika

Salt & Pepper

Barbecue Sauce

Homemade Barbecue Sauce

Simple ingredients come together easily to make this slightly tangy and slightly sweet homemade barbecue sauce.

Easy to Follow Recipe

Chop the onions and crush the garlic cloves. Then place the roast in the pot and add the chopped onion and garlic.

Sprinkle in smoked paprika and add the broth, wine, or water along with the Worcestershire and soy sauce.


Place the lid on the slow cooker and cook on low for 8-9 hours or on high for 5-6 hours until it pulls apart with a fork.

Assemble & Serve

The best fork-tender, pull-apart beef for sandwiches, enchilada or burrito filling, quesadillas, shredded beef tacos, over noodles or potatoes, and more.

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