Crisp Ginger Molasses Cookies 



The perfect combination of crisp and spicy and are easily a family favorite.


Flour & Salt Baking Soda Ground Ginger Butter & Sugar Egg Fresh Ginger Crystalized Ginger Molasses Sanding Sugar Powdered Sugar & Milk

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All Tied Up With String

These crispy cookies make a great bundle to tie with festive string or ribbon and give as party favors, hostess gifts, and more.

Working with Molasses

Before measuring the molasses, coat your measuring spoon with oil which will make the molasses slide right out without leaving any residue on the spoon!

Ginger Molasses Cookies Recipe

Fresh ginger, crystalized ginger and ginger powder really up the zing in these cookies.

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The only change I made tot his recipe my mom has been making for years is to add the simple glaze.

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Light & Crisp 

Pour a cold glass of milk and enjoy!

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 Merry Christmas!