Homemade  Barbecue Sauce 

slightly tangy & slightly sweet


diced bacon

oil & vinegar

onion & garlic

ground cumin

cayenne pepper

ketchup & soy sauce

dark brown sugar

Worchestershire sauce

liquid smoke

Simple Instructions Included

Saute the bacon, add the onion , garlic, cumin and cayenne. Then stir in the remainder of the ingredients and simmer until thick.

Make it Your Own...

Adjust the heat by adding or keeping out the cayenne pepper. Increase the smoke by adding more liquid smoke. Start with half of the vinegar then increase it for a tangier flavor.

So Many Uses...

You can use it to sauce up your pulled pork sandwiches. 

Try it on pulled beef sandwiches. Or slather your ribs, chicken pieces, or shrimp with the bbq sauce before you grill them. Use it as the base for barbecue pizza.

Your barbecue chicken will be the hit of the picnic with this homemade sauce.

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