Tender, Flaky, and Flavorful Pie Crust

Pie Crust


In search of the best pie crust?

This homemade pie crust recipe is a tried and true family favorite and makes the best tender, flaky, and flavorful  pie crust!

A Few Simple Ingredients

pastry flour salt and sugar unsalted butter ice water

Using a food processor helps when blending the ingredients to form the optimal crust.

Food Processor Magic

Once you have the right consistency, turn  the dough on to two sheets of parchment paper and using paper, press to mold it into a round shape- ready to roll!

Ready to Roll

Fold the pastry mat to allow easy transfer of the buttery dough to a pie plate.

Folding Technique

Crimping 101

Using pointer finger and thumb on your left hand and the pointer on your right hand, crimp the edge.

Watch This Helpful Video

Watch This Helpful Video

New at making a pie crust? I have included the video of me making this crust  on the blog.

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Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves