How to Can 

Jalapeno Peppers

Quickly  Can Peppers Jar-by-Jar

Directions for both water bath canning and refrigerating your canned pickled jalapeños


Fresh Jalapenos White Distilled Vinegar Water & Sugar Mustard seed Kosher Salt & Peppercorns Cumin & Mustard Seeds Bay Leaf Whole Garlic CLove

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Deep Pot, Can & Lid Lifter Headspace Gauge, Pint Size Jars, Vinegar, Towels, Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

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Canning Supplies

Getting started...

Wear rubber gloves, slice the peppers and discard the stems.

Prepare your water bath canner, mason jars, and lids. Wash & Sterilize your jars in a large pot filled with water. Keep the jars in the simmering water until you are ready to fill them.  Use a jar lifter to remove.

Carefully follow my step-by-step instructions listed on the recipe card in the posting.

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"I like mine on my nachos, either traditional nachos or pulled pork."

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