How to Decorate a Kitchen Hutch

Take the Time

I hope the ideas and tips in this blog will truly inspire you to create a decorated cabinet that adds value to your space at home.

Creating Beauty in Corners

Supplies to Dress it Up

Hooks & Screws Books, Antiques & Art A Plant or Dried Flowers Duster Cloth

Everyday Dishes and Kitchen Items

Using your open hutch for the dishes you use daily is the practical solution you may be searching for especially if you have a small kitchen or an unused small space.

Color Palette

Utilize a limited color palette and stack larger items toward the bottom and smaller ones at the top.

Fine China

Your china set may be a family heirloom or a precious gift. So, give it the presentation it deserves by displaying it for all to see.

Kitchen Hutch with Party Essentials

If you’re already hosting party after party, move the supplies from the closet to the kitchen hutch. This is an excellent way to use space and decorate.

Wallpaper Background

Add some color and flair to a hutch full of cake stands by placing wallpaper in the back of the cabinet.

Bring it to Life

Consider giving shelves a touch of greenery. Small potted plants, like ferns and succulents, compliment a glassware display quite nicely.

Let There Be Light

LED lights can be hidden behind thin ledges in the structure or applied beneath the shelves for a dramatic under-lit effect.

Stack, Lean, and Hang to Decorate a Kitchen Hutch

Add interest by stacking, leaning, and hanging. You can lean a shiny serving tray behind a couple of rows of stacked bowls.

Outdated Hutch?

If you are concerned about your hutch appearing old or outdated, you can always sand it down and repaint it.  Then decorate seasonally

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