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How to Decorate a Kitchen Hutch

Taking the time to curate a stunning and meaningful display on the shelves of your kitchen hutch is a great way to make for a spotlight-stealing exhibit in your home. All too often, a hutch can be overlooked if not properly arranged with plenty of thought and care. Today, I will share with you ideas on how to decorate a kitchen hutch.

I hope the ideas and tips in this blog will truly inspire you to create a decorated cabinet that adds value to your space at home.

You may be wondering, are kitchen hutches even in style anymore?

Well, that entirely depends on how you dress up the traditional hutch shelves. Leaving it dusty and poorly arranged will only make it look further dated. On the other hand, taking full advantage of the beauty, simplicity, and storage capacity of this classic piece of furniture will bring the allure of a classic hutch to your dining room or kitchen design.

Tip: If you are concerned about your hutch appearing old or outdated, you can always sand it down and repaint it to match the color scheme of the surroundings and add a cohesive look.

Eager to get started?

Let’s look into what materials you’ll need to produce a fascinating and lovely kitchen hutch display.

What Do You Need to Dress Up Your Kitchen Hutch Cabinet?

You don’t need much to decorate a hutch. If you already have a dazzling fine china set or charming everyday dishes to display, you’re more than halfway there.

The following materials and tools are ideas of what you may want to have handy when completing this home project:

  • Hooks and screws to hang teacups or mugs
  • Decorative items that have special meaning to you and your family, like travel souvenirs, antiques, old books, artwork, and more
  • Some potted plants or dried flowers can bring life to the display
  • A duster or clean cloth to rid items of the debris before arranging them

How To Decorate Kitchen Hutch Cabinets

With a kitchen or even a dining room hutch, the possibilities are truly endless. It’s almost as if the display is a tiny museum of your favorite pieces. Ultimately, you want the exhibit to be alluring and thought-provoking.

Use the tips and ideas below to inspire your ideas for a modern-style kitchen hutch project.

How to Decorate a Kitchen Hutch with Everyday Dishes and Kitchen Items|

If you are all about maximizing kitchen space in your home, using your open hutch for the dishes you use daily is the practical solution you may be searching for especially if you have a small kitchen or an unused small space.

Perhaps you hardly ever use your china in the china hutch. In that case, you may prefer not to have it out collecting dust on open shelves. Instead, store your more common dishes, mugs, glasses, and pitchers in your open china cabinet. Especially if you have a proud and carefully chosen collection, the hutch is a perfect place display case to show your everyday dishes.

Reduce visual clutter by using the top of the cabinet, utilizing a limited color palette, and stacking larger items at the bottom of a stack of cake plates, and other vintage pieces.

That way, you have more room in the cabinets for small appliances, plastic dishware, mixing bowls, and more. And you can neatly pack away your barely-used fancy china set to be placed in a closet or closed cabinetry.

Store a Stunning China Set |

One of the most traditional ways to utilize open kitchen cabinets is to store your finest china set. And although there are many other alternatives and creative ways to use the hutch, displaying a charming assortment of china never fails to make impressive visual displays. Just look at this gorgeous arrangement of plates and cups!

Your china set may be a family heirloom or a precious gift. So, give it the presentation it deserves by displaying it for all to see. Walking by the hutch glowing in your home will warm your heart as you are reminded of the unique present or family antique. In fact, contemporary designers embrace the vintage look with modern flare as the ideal way to design a home today.

My friend Mimi and her mom collect MacKenzie-Child’s kitchen and serving ware. Her mom has her stunning collection which she uses to decorate her kitchen hutch.

McKenzie Childs pieces in a hutch.

How to Decorate a Kitchen Hutch with Party Essentials|

If you’re already hosting party after party, move the supplies from the closet to the kitchen hutch. This is an excellent way to continue to inspire your nights of hosting fun dinners and celebrating holidays or loved ones.

Especially if you have quite the attractive assortment of party gear, the kitchen hutch cabinet will store it oh-so nicely. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • Stack cake stands on top of one another according to size.
  • Place colorful birthday candles in an adorable pink teacup.
  • Create the celebration ambiance with large baskets to hold the many precious birthday cards you’ve collected over the years.
  • Frame some of your favorite party moments and use them as décor among the dishes in your cabinet.

Bring Your Hutch to Life |

After arranging your delicate dishes on the shelves, consider giving them a touch of greenery. Small potted plants, like ferns and succulents, compliment a glassware display quite nicely. In fact, it will bring your kitchen hutch cabinet to life.

You can also try adding dried flowers. Or, better yet, place a large flower vase or several small ones among the exhibit of dishes. This allows you to continuously breathe new life into the display by switching out the flowers based on seasonal decor.

Wooden hutch with white pieces and a plant on the top shelf

Let There Be Light |

Depending on the kind of hutch you have, you may notice the deep shadows casting onto your stunning collection of china or everyday dishes. Light up the scene with candles or hidden LED lights.

Candles not only illuminate the space, but they can act as beautiful décor, too. Get creative and choose candles of multiple heights and shapes. You can even pick out colors and scents that flatter the appearance of the open shelving in your kitchen hutch.

Hutch with lighting
Crystal Cabinets

LED lights can be hidden behind thin ledges in the structure or applied beneath the shelves for a dramatic under-lit effect. Plus, you have the opportunity to choose whatever color of light you desire. Use white lights to give a crisp brightness to the display. Or pick any color from the rainbow to add some style and fun.

Stack, Lean, and Hang |

When arranging your collection of dishes or china, remember to add plenty of interest by alternating between stacking, leaning, and hanging. For instance, you can lean a shiny serving tray behind a couple of rows of stacked soup bowls.

Apple painting on hutch.

Use your artistic eye and see where you can fill the empty spaces. You want your display to look bountiful and engaging with a purposeful focal point. Add hooks to hang mugs and teacups for impressive storage and extra amusement.

After working on this post, I incorporated some of these tips into my hutch. I also lowered the top shelf, so the middle shelf wasn’t so big.

Hutch with white dishes

Accessorize Your Kitchen Hutch |

Finally, once you’ve filled the shelves with your choice of dishes, add in the details. You want the cabinet to be eye-catching and alluring. The best way to start is with white dishes and large pieces, leaving space for interesting items like books, antiques, travel souvenirs, or modern sculptures- whatever suits your fancy. Then add in salt and pepper shakers, decor items, and more.

Another splendid addition is a collection of fine wine or liquors. Choose whatever speaks to your aesthetic and tells a story of your home and the people inside. This kitchen hutch is a great place for a wine bar and glass storage space!

Hutch with wine bottles and glasses.
Photo: Andreas Trauttmansdorff for Better Homes & Gardens®

How to Maintain Your Spruced Up Hutch

Curating the perfect kitchen hutch display is only step one. Now, you’ll need to care for your exhibit as the years go by to keep it looking fresh and timeless.

Dusting and Cleaning

Remember to dust the kitchen hutch and its contents every week or so. This all depends on how dusty your home gets and if the cabinet is in a hotspot for settling particles.

Additionally, you’ll want to take the dishes down to wash a few times a year. If you use the items more often, you won’t have to complete this upkeep too frequently. However, if the dishes sit there for most of the year, you’ll want to bring out their shine by hand washing them every few months.

Switch Out for the Season

Some people have china sets or special dishes for the major holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Consider making your hutch a rotating display of seasonal joy by switching out the dishes for the upcoming holiday. Then add in Christmas decor, for instance, to fill the void when one of the dishes is in use.

Similarly, you can refresh the flowers, knick-knacks, and décor based on the time of year. This works great if you plan to keep the same dishes displayed. Change it up every few months with items that make you excited for the current season.

Hutch with white vases and orange pumpkins
The Goodwill Gal

So, I did make some adjustments to my hutch after working on this article and I’m happy with the little tweaks I made. This is an old Butler’s cabinet and I am limited to how much I can move the shelves, but it is better than it was. And, nothing is ever really done…I’ll continue to play with it as the whim hits me!

Wooden hutch with white dishes and cookbooks.

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Brown wood hutch with white dishes and serveware, showing how to decorate a kitchen hutch.
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