How to

Display Cutting Boards

in a Kitchen

All Sorts of Boards

They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors.  Cheese boards, pizza peels and wooden bowls pair perfectly with a selection of uncommon boards.

Display Ideas

Hang The Boards Stack on Shelves Lean the Boards Create a Centerpiece Use as a Tray Place in a Basket or Wood Box


Get extra creative by hanging the pieces on the side of the kitchen island or lower cabinets, like this image!


To the Wall

Alternately, hang them directly onto your wall like you would pictures, as Chris and Julia did.

Wise Use of Space

If, like me, you like these plate racks or wall-mounted plate racks if you have room for one in your kitchen.

Lean several cutting boards against the wall on your kitchen counters. This makes for a beautiful  backdrop for other kitchen accessories.

Find a nice sturdy rectangular or square basket and store those cutting boards, along with maybe your cookie racks and sheets in the basket.

Any cutting boards can be mixed for display. Especially if you have a large assortment of fascinating cutting boards, you may want to use many display options . This is my friend's centerpiece use of a board!

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