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How to Display Cutting Boards in a Kitchen

This post will share a variety of ideas for how to display cutting boards in a kitchen.

We all know that cutting boards are useful and necessary kitchen items. But, cutting boards can also be unique works of art. Because of this, they make for an excellent display feature in your kitchen.

In this new “How-To” post, I will explain just how to display cutting boards in a kitchen while adding to the design and organization of your kitchen. Not only is your collection a functional one– it’s an assortment of your favorite boards worthy of the spotlight.

What’s better than finding a way to beautifully display kitchen equipment instead of other traditional wall or counter art pieces? And it is surely better than hiding them away in the kitchen cabinets.

Especially if you spend lots of time in your kitchen, it is a room you want to be inspired in. Look no further than displaying your stunning collection of antique, handcrafted, and eye-catching cutting boards. Undoubtedly, it’s an ideal way to free up your counter and spice up your culinary space.

Perhaps many of your cutting boards are gifts from family members and loved ones. Or maybe they are prized souvenirs from artisan craft fairs or your travels to culture-rich countries. You have all the more reason to keep your cutting boards out of the kitchen drawers and cabinets and have them out for guests to admire.

Suppose you haven’t yet begun a cutting board collection. In that case, you’re truly missing out. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Furthermore, you don’t have to limit yourself to just cutting boards. Pizza peels and wooden bowls pair perfectly with a selection of uncommon boards.

Types of Cutting Boards

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To start your cutting board collection, keep an eye out for interesting pieces that speak to your aesthetic. Whether that be dark woods, hand-painted details, nostalgic vibes, or the worn-antique look.

Mixed Media Boards

Boards made of wood and marble make for a dazzling display and are practical for use. Natural stones can be cooled in the fridge and topped with gourmet cheeses for your next dinner party. The chilled surface will keep the cheese tasty and fresh all night long. Plus, when displaying the mixed media boards, you’ll add interest by breaking up the more common wooden materials.

A wooden cutting board with cheese and meat.

Wood Cutting Boards

When selecting wooden cutting boards, add variety to your collection by choosing different types of wood in variations of color– like beautiful bamboo boards. Natural wood boards can be made from many different sources, like:

  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Teak
  • Bamboo
  • Beech
  • Butcher Block
  • Wood Fiber Composites

Each type of wood is different in wood grain, light and dark stains, and lines of deep grooves. For example, a maple cutting board is a different color than a teak board, and so on. Picking a mix of these materials will make your collection all the more amusing and spark the curiosity of your guests and visiting family.

A wooden cutting board

Marble Cutting Boards

Natural stone boards like a stunning marble board or a slate serving board are contrasting in color and texture. Slate is mostly used for serving cheese and bread. Granite and Agate are also used for making gorgeous cutting boards that are a great idea for your display.

Display Cutting boards with stacked marble boards and a cheese wheel.

Plastic Cutting Boards

If you like a good plastic board, there are so many choices in colors, shapes, and sizes. Display your old plastic boards in the back and the new kitchen cutting surfaces in the front. And there are also great cutting boards made of composite materials with unique designs.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Another lovely quality of cutting boards is their variety of shapes and sizes. From boxy and rectangular to round with undefined edges, the possibilities are endless. There are some that might have leather straps, and others have patterns of juice grooves.

Use your artistic and creative eye to select an impressive assortment of shapes and sizes. And look at others’ kitchen designs for inspiration. This is sure to add interest to your final display.

What Do You Need to Display Your Cutting Boards?

You won’t need many tools and equipment to display your cutting boards. In fact, in many cases, the best ways won’t need any additional materials. So, it will depend on exactly how you decide to display the collection. Still, you may want to have the following items handy:

  • Your assortment of cutting boards
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Accessories to pair with your display, like candles, small plants, and cookbooks.
  • Wall hooks 
  • Open shelving
  • Food-safe mineral oil
  • Display racks such as a board stand, or a magazine holder.

You do not need to resort to a typical cutting board holder to have a place to put your best cutting board– again, get creative.

How Do You Display a Cutting Board Collection?

In many ways, putting your daily use collection on display is much like displaying art of any kind. Each idea is a good idea and you have a few options:

  • Hang them up.
  • Set them on shelves in the kitchen.
  • Lean them against the backsplash on the kitchen’s lower countertops.
  • Use a riser to create a centerpiece for the kitchen island or dining table.
  • Place them underneath other accessories acting as a tray.
  • Place them in a basket or wooden box.

Hang Your Cutting Board Collection | 

Use wall hooks or racks to exhibit your variety of boards on the wall of your kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room. This makes for the perfect alternative to mundane wall art. This rack from Pottery Barn or this one from Target and the cutting boards hanging from them make very interesting art! Just make sure that the wall rack is sturdy, these two hold between 35 and 50 pounds.

Display cutting boards hanging from a rack.

Or get extra creative by hanging the pieces on the side of the kitchen island or lower cabinets, like Anita from Whispering Pines. 

And don’t hesitate to drill a hole or two in your cutting board if you need a way to hang it, as Anita did.

Display cutting boards hanging from a rack.

Alternately, hang them directly onto your wall like you would pictures, as Chris and Julia did.

Display cutting boards hanging on a wall.

Display Your Unique Pieces on a Shelf |

Feature your cutting boards on an open shelf. Try turning the boards in multiple ways before deciding the presentation is just right. Also, you can accessorize the display with candles, family cookbooks, or small plants. 

I’d love to find space for a plate rack/shelf in my kitchen like Amy did. If, like me, you like these plate racks, this seller on Etsy has a variety of wall-mounted plate racks if you have room for one in your kitchen.

Display cutting boards in a shelf.

Stand Your Boards on the Kitchen Counter |

For a simpler approach with just as much attraction, lean several cutting boards against the wall on your kitchen counters. This makes for a beautiful and rare backdrop for other kitchen accessories like a vibrant fruit bowl or an interesting utensil holder. 

Make the presentation pop by placing contrasting colors and materials near one another and switching between vertical and horizontal displays.

Store them in a basket!

Find a nice sturdy rectangular or square basket and store those cutting boards, along with maybe your cookie racks and sheets in the basket. Not for nothing…this is how Ina Garten does it! 😉

Create a Stunning Centerpiece as a Way to Display Cutting Boards in your Kitchen

Feature your best boards on a riser or stand as a centerpiece to your island or dining table. And take it to the next level by adding a lively flower vase with freshly cut flowers to switch out according to the season. 

My friend Nikki, at Soulfully Made, used a lovely long cutting board as the base of a gorgeous centerpiece.

Cutting board under several candlesticks

Use Your Cutting Boards as Charming Trays |

If you have lots of little knick-knacks and keepsakes you like to keep out as inspiration in your culinary space, use your cutting boards and cookie sheets as a unique tray to place the items. For instance, stack your vintage cookbooks on top of one of your rectangular wooden boards. 

Cutting board under bowls and mug.

Or perhaps you have fragile antique cookware you don’t want to use. Set them up on your cutting boards throughout the kitchen to make for a fascinating exhibit of all the things that make you excited to cook up a delicious meal.

Pro Tip: Any of the above methods of displaying cutting boards can be mixed and used together. Especially if you have a large assortment of fascinating cutting boards, you may want to use many display options to optimize such an impressive collection.

How to Maintain a Stunning Cutting Board Display

The final step to your cutting board project will be to keep it clean and pristine. With proper care, you can make your beautiful display face the test of time and bring joy for years to come:

  • When you take your boards down from their display, ensure you use them correctly. In other words, if the cutting board is designed for cutting meat, avoid using it for vegetables. The same applies for the other way around.
  • Properly wash and care for each one, so they stay looking brand new. Most artisan or handcrafted cutting boards cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Instead, wash with soap and water and allow the board to air dry. Once dry, you can apply the food-safe mineral oil to keep your well-loved chopping board conditioned. (Especially if you use it on a regular basis.)
  • Dust your display each week. The last thing you want is another hotspot in your home for collecting dust.

How to Restore an Old Cutting Board

Round cutting board with feet.

I wrote this post a while ago about how to restore an old cutting board that I found in a second-hand store. This is especially helpful if you are looking for old boards with great character…you want to be sure that they are clean and sanitized.

Bookmark this page or pin the following image to refer back to these ideas for how to display cutting boards in the kitchen.

CuttCutting boards hanging from a rack.
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