Moth Repellent Potpourri & a pleasant scent, too!

all natural



Harness the natural moth-repelling qualities of cedar shavings, fresh eucalyptus, dried orange peel, lavender, bay leaves, mint, and cinnamon for a fresh and natural moth-repellent potpourri.

gather ingredients

try combinations like cedarwood, dried orange peel, eucalyptus, bay leaves...

more ingredients

...lavendar, cinnamon, mint, rosemary, cloves, thyme, and more.

harvest from the garden...

The only things I purchased were the cedar shavings and a spray of fresh eucalyptus.

so easy...

chop in the food processor and scoop into sachet bags.

This woodsy potpourri not only repels moths but also leaves a pleasant scent throughout your  entire home.

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