Old Bay Seasoning

Substitutes and Recipe

This recipe has a very close flavor profile to the original  Old Bay Seasoning. 

18 Ingredients

Celery Salt Paprika Black Pepper Cayenne Pepper Dry Mustard Cinnamon Cardamom Allspice Cloves Ginger Nutmeg and Bay Leaves

Old Bay has a wealth of uses, from crab and shrimp to popcorn and french fries and everything in between!

How do you use Old Bay Seasoning?


Shrimp  and Grits

A classic use for the seasoning mix is on your shrimp recipes. Try my Shrimp and Grits Recipe!

Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Shrimp as an appetizer or side to your grilled steak is a great way to use the seasonings and really taste all the spices!

Bloody Mary!

No Bloody Mary is complete without a rimming of delicious Old Bay or one of my recommended substitutions.

Fish Dishes

Spice up your Fish Tacos with Homemade Old Bay Seasoning for a real kick to your meal.

Homemade Seasonings

Substitutes and Recipe

Old Bay's blend is kept top secret, but this recipe comes close. If you have these common ingredients in your spice cabinet, you can make your own.

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