EASY Oyster Shell Mirror



Supply List

Plywood & Mirror

Picture Hamgers

Clean Oyster Shells

Adhesive & Trowel

"I LOVE THIS MIRROR!!!!  It really turned out so much better than I had hoped and was really easy to make."

My Oyster  Shell Mirror

"I soaked them in bleach water and then scrubbed any yuck off. I then let them dry in the sun for a couple of days."

Gather  Clean Shells

Follow these easy steps to assembling your Oyster Shell Mirror.

Take Your Time



Placing the oysters on the mirror is best likened to putting a puzzle together. I wanted them to get bigger in size as I went out from the middle, but not all oyster shells ‘layer’ with each other well.


Trim the finished mirror in a small shell like these cap shells!

This DIY Oyster Shell craft is the perfect dash of coastal decor I was looking for!

Coastal Decor

You will love this simply DIY Oyster Cluster where ever you decide to display it!

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