Peach Preserves

includes instructions for water bath canning and freezing


Homemade Preserves

Spread it on toast or incorporate it into baking recipes.


Fresh Peaches

Granulated Sugar

Vanilla Beans

How to Peel Peaches Easily

Peeling peaches can be made easier by blanching them. Blanch, shock, and peel with ease.

Easy Steps...

Peel, and chop your peaches.

Add the sugar, stir and refrigerate, Then bring the mixture to a boil.

Spoon your preserves into hot sterilized half pint jars...

Follow my canning tips on the blog post!

Peach Preserves!

"I’m hard-pressed to say ‘this’ is my favorite jam or jelly, but it is in the top two of my favorite sweet preserves if it has apricot and peaches."

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