Pumpkin Succulents Planter with Moss & Twigs

This may indeed be the easiest DIY I’ve ever published.

great girl’s night craft

Invite your friends to bring a pumpkin, some succulents, some found and foraged materials from their yards, and make an evening of it!

Materials needed

It is really up to you how you want to adorn your pumpkin. But at a minimum, you do need a pumpkin, succulents, a glue gun, moss, twigs, and extra decorative pieces.

succulents with roots

Like any good container garden, aim to have a ‘thriller,’ a ‘filler,’ and a ‘spiller’ succulent. All mine have roots.

moss galore

Use a variety of mosses to take the place of succulent soil.

Add twigs!

Try an assortment of twigs too. Take a walk and see what catches your eye!

Add pinecones, berries and these little gems from a Crape Myrtle tree!

Care for your succulent planter

Use a waterproof trivet, keep it away from direct sunlight, spritz moss, and plants once a week, then replant after season.

easy holiday decor

This is an excellent DIY if you are looking for some immediate gratification and instant fall home decor.

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