Red Pepper Jelly

a delicious and versatile condiment

sweet & spicy


Fresh red bell peppers

Fresh red jalapeno, Anaheim, or Sonoran chile peppers

Apple cider vinegar

White, granulated sugar

No or low-sugar needed pectin

how to use your red pepper jelly

Spread it, with cheese, as a glaze, on sandwiches, with veggies, in salad dressing, with seafood, and more.

Chop, puree, add vinegar and pulse.

Easy Steps...

combine sugar and pectin, add to the pan, then spoon into jars.

Cooking the jelly

Ensure 1/4 space at the top of the jar, wipe the rims, and place lids on.

supplies I use for canning

A Jam Pan or Maslin Pan Weck Can Lifter or  Ball Can Lifter Magnetic Lid Lifter Headspace Gauge I use both  Weck Jars and Ball Jars. Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving A clean surface Clean Towels A bowl of white vinegar

Homemade Jelly

This condiment is commonly made with fresh red bell peppers, red jalapeno or other hot chili peppers, cider vinegar, sugar, and pectin.

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