Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream Popsicles

Blueberries & strawberries tucked in vanilla ice cream make the perfect red, white & blue ice cream popsicles. 

Patriotic Popsicles Anyone?

Edible gold stars make them even more festive! and are an unexpected treat for all.


Real Vanilla Ice Cream

Fresh Strawberries

Edible Gold Sprinkles

Fresh Blueberries

Use Popsicle Molds

These stainless steel molds are my favorite for popsicles. You can make just one popsicle at a time if you wish, or batch prepare them for a party!

Batching Popsicles

They take 5 hours to set, so be sure to leave enough time for everyone to be able to have one.

Mixing Fruit In

Be sure to gently mix in your berries so they get evenly distributed for  each bite!

Red, White & Blue Sugar Cookies

Perfect Blueberry Hand Pie

Blueberry Syrup


Keep Them on  Ice and Serve!

The perfect summer treat for the ice cream lover in us all!

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