Rhubarb Jam

a simple small-batch, homemade jam recipe

3 ingredient




Lemon Juice

Optional Vanilla

pectin or no pectin?

Since I prefer to preserve without pectin, I’ll typically add a high-pectin fruit (apples or lemons) to my low-pectin fruit or plan to cook my jam a bit longer.

Macerate sliced rhubarb and sugar, then add lemonjuice as directed.

Easy Steps...

Bring to a boil, test for doneness, then add optional vanilla.

Cooking the jam

Doneness testing

It can be hard to tell if your pectin-free jam is set while it is still warm and in the pot. There are several methods that you can use to test for doneness before canning.


While boiling water canning isn’t hard, it does require a few pieces of equipment to make the task much easier

Homemade Jam

Put a dollop of this rosy Rhubarb Jam on your morning toast, biscuit, or scones.

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