Spaghetti Arrabiata

Spaghetti all’Arrabbiata

Pasta with Tomato Sauce for Dinner!

Using San Marzano tomatoes as its foundation, the sauce has a pleasant sweetness that balances out the spicy kick from the red pepper flakes.


Onion & Garlic

Red Pepper Flakes

Crushed Fennel Seed

Good Olive Oil & Red Wine

San Marzano Tomatoes

Salt & Pepper & Fresh Basil

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Spaghetti or Penne

tips for the best Spaghetti Arrabiata

use San Marzano tomatoes finely dice and slowly cook the onions


cook slowly over low heat use a potato masher to crush the tomatoes in the pot

Alarm Clock

stir frequently use freshly cooked pasta

Spaghetti all’Arrabbiata

a simple yet flavorful dish that highlights the essence of Italian cooking.

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