Spiced Winter Cranberry Conserve

Winter Cranberry Conserve

it’s a perfect excuse for canning cranberries and a wonderful winter jam recipe or to enjoy year-round!


4 cups of cranberries

orange juice

water & sugar

cardamom & cinnamon

Granny Smith apples



ginger & Brandy


Jellies: Strained, no fruit Jams: Bits of fruit Preserves: Chunkier than Jam Marmalades: Jams made with the rind. Conserves: thick, chunky jams with additional dried fruits and nuts tossed in.

Sweet Conserves

These winter jam recipes pair so well with many cheeses as amazing appetizers for your holiday gatherings!

Winter Cranberry Conserve Gifts!

These lovely jars of winter cranberry jam deliciousness also make wonderful holiday gifts.

When the days become shorter and a wee bit cooler, I want to embrace all things fall and winter. I spend much more time in my kitchen ‘nesting’ for the months and holidays ahead.

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