with Waterproof Terra Cotta

DIY Bird Bath

Whether is was a planter or a bird bath originally, keep it to repurpose! Nothing beats  a good DIY.

Begin with a sturdy base.

A terra cotta pot saucer makes a perfect bird bath basin- if it can hold water, that is!

Fit a Saucer


The Triple Thick Glaze put a clear coating on the saucer so that the naturally porous terra cotta would become waterproof and therefore hold water longer.


I had a partial can of Rust-Oleum’s Triple Thick Glaze which contained just enough to spray the inside of the saucer.

Well…I guess I don’t have a birdbath as much as my feathered friends now have a birdbath. Choose the best location for your birdbath so that it will get filled with water when the sprinklers go off!

Just look at those beads all ready for my feathered friends to stop by for a bath!

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