Detailed instructions on how to make the easiest DIY bed skirt with inverted box pleats. 

Easiest Bed Skirt with Box Pleats

Not only is this an easy project, but this bed skirt is very practical and functional.

Easiest Bed Skirt Instructions

Fabric Sewing Machine Thread and Pins Velcro Tape Yard Stick

All You Need:

DIY Simple

This DIY bed skirt is unlike every other bed skirt I’ve ever had in that each section is separate from the others…there is not a large piece of fabric to which each piece is attached to.

Straight Stitches

All of the stitching is in straight lines. This makes this DIY Bed Skirt a great beginner sewing piece for anyone!

Once all your pleats are done, it’s time to put your DIY bed skirt together…this is the fun part.

Attach the skirt to the box spring with velcro tape. It really could not be easier!

Ready to Make  Pillow Shams?

Once the bed shirt is finished, you will want to make those decorative pillows match!

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