Fall Container Garden  and Front Porch

Fall Container Garden and Front Porch Ideas using Grocery Store Produce, Vegetables and Herbs

I do love a front porch!

Especially a big, expansive front porch that invites you to sit and enjoy the world passing.

I might not have a ‘big, expansive front porch’, but I do have a small to medium-sized front porch. And what it lacks in size, in more than makes up for in the Confederate Jasmine that envelopes it.

Getting Started

This week I set out to replace the sad and worn-out plants that had done their job well all spring and summer.

Hubbard Squash, White Acorn Squash, and a White Pumpkin anchor my fall container garden this year.

I also picked up a Russian Sage and some wee Dusty Miller and White Chrysanthemums from my local garden store to fill in that echo the white/gray colors from the gourds.

Fall Wreath

I scored the Mini White Pumpkins and Fresh Eucalyptus for my wreath from a quick trip to Trader Joe’s.

Front  Porch Glory!

Enjoy the seasonal feeling from the from to the inside of your home.

Yellow Leaves

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Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves