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Fall Container Garden and Front Porch

Fall Container Garden and Front Porch Ideas using Grocery Store Produce, Vegetables and Herbs

I do love a front porch.

Especially a big, expansive front porch that invites you to sit and enjoy the world passing.

I might not have a ‘big, expansive front porch’, but I do have a small to medium-sized front porch. And what it lacks in size, in more than makes up for in the Confederate Jasmine that envelopes it.

It is one of my favorite features of our home and one that I will sorely miss when we sell and will hopefully replicate wherever we land.

Fall Front Porch and Fall Container Gardens in shades of gray, green and white.

It is also one of my favorite areas to decorate with each changing season.

Fresh and natural eucalyptus wreath echo the gray and greens in the fall container garden.

This week I set out to replace the sad and worn-out plants that had done their job well all spring and summer. I’m still on my ‘shop the grocery store produce and floral department or Farmer’s Market’ kick that I started when I decorated the inside of my home this fall…it was so easy to carry that ‘theme’ to the outside.

Soft, neutral and natural fall container garden
A fall container garden with natural and neutral elements anchored with hubbard squash, white acorn squash and white pumpkin. Thyme and kale are just a few of the plants that are tucked in to this autumn container garden in shades of gray, green and white.

Hubbard Squash, White Acorn Squash, and a White Pumpkin anchor my fall container garden this year.

Hubbard Squash, Kale and Lemon Thyme are just a few of the elements of this natural and neutral fall container garden.

In full disclosure, I also picked up a Russian Sage and some wee Dusty Miller and White Chrysanthemums from my local garden store to fill in….they all echo the white/gray colors from the gourds..

What I Used in my Fall Container Garden Planting:

Lemon Thyme, Kale and Gourds anchor this Fall Container Garden.
Mini Kale and Lemon Thyme are tucked in between the gourds
  • Hubbard Squash
  • White Acorn Squash
  • White Pumpkin
  • Mini Kale plants
  • Lemon Thyme plants
  • Russian Sage ‘Denim ‘n Lace’
  • Dusty Miller
  • Small White Chrysanthemum
White mini-pumpkins for fall front porch.

I scored the Mini White Pumpkins and Fresh Eucalyptus for my wreath from a quick trip to Trader Joe’s.  

The Fresh Eucalyptus was tucked into a grapevine wreath for a bit of a ‘free form’ wreath…it works well with my more ‘natural’ fall container garden…and is also the perfect gray/green color. If you need other ideas for your front door, feel free to check out these other fall wreath ideas that I have collected.

Fresh and Natural Eucalyptus wreath for fall front door.

I am really partial to that seeded Eucalyptus and searched for bouquets at Trader Joe’s that were heavy on the seeded variety.

Seeded Eucalyptus on a free form wreath for your fall front door.

So, with my front porch all decked out and my home with a few natural fall touches, I think I’m done for a bit…until something else pops in my mind!

Have you started your fall decorating?

If you are collecting fall container garden ideas, be sure to bookmark this page for your future reference…or pin the image below.

Natural and Neutral Fall Container Garden and Front Porch Ideas using primarily Grocery Store Produce, Vegetables and Herbs with a few nursery items to fill in. The gray/green/white hues echo a softer side of Autumn.

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  1. This is beautiful saw your post on Instagram earlier. That wreath though…. simply fantastic! I ran into a wreath base yesterday while cleaning up some things – (we’re unloading stuff from storage) I may have to keep that out so I can make something like this for Christmas. Skipping fall decorating to focus on getting our home pad set up. Really enjoyed this as it’s just fun to see others create beautiful settings. Have a great weekend Lynn…

    1. Hey Carole…I’d say you have your hands full right now. I’ll live vicariously through your adventures and you can live vicariously through my fall decorating! Deal?

  2. Lynn,
    I LOVE your front porch decor! Your planters are so wonderful and such nice pops of Kale. I can’t find them at any of our nurseries. Not sure why that is! But, I can admire yours!

    1. Hey Janine…when I first looked I couldn’t find the Kale either, but then went back 5 days later (which was last week) and there it was…maybe it’s in now!

  3. Such a lovely home. That entrance is gorgeous! Thats takes year for that trellis to grow. Pumpkins add the perfect fall decor. your home is a great fall one.

  4. Your front porch is stunning! So beautiful with the jasmine surrounding the front door. Perhaps start some clippings now to see what takes and have them ready {and big enough} to transplant to your new home’s front door area?? Moving is sooo hard but there’s a whole new home on the other side just waiting for your love and decorating skills!!! <3

    Happy fall, Lynn,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Barbara…such a good suggestion and a good outlook. I love the idea of taking a few clippings…a little continuity from one house to the next. Thanks so much for that idea and I hope you have a wonderful day.

      Many hugs, Lynn

  5. Your porch looks lovely Lynn, I love how green it is but definitely says Fall all around! Beautiful! I adore the little pumpkins in the lantern, so cute!

    1. Thanks Katrin! I do love my planters…they are growing so nicely. Hope you are getting a bit of fall in Spain!

      Happy Day my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  6. When you move? After getting that beautiful kitchen?

    You are so talented, I look forward to seeing what you make each Monday.

    I love the fall urn plantings. Something to think about.

    We have a specialty lumber company here and they get really beautiful different woods, so I’ve seen Ipe. That will be gorgeous when you are done I’m sure. Emergency room, oh no! Be careful you don’t damage the lungs breathing in that sanding dust. Take care my friend and I’m sending a smile your way.

    1. Oh Juanita…that was from the house we just left! I do miss that front porch though! But I LOVE my kitchen…not to worry, I am no tleaving it anytime soon!

      That Ipe…yikes…it sure is tough. I’m taking a break from sanding this weekend…need to give my body a break.

      Thanks for your always sweet messages, my friend. They put a smile on my face!

      Many hugs, Lynn

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