Resize a Knit Blanket, Dishcloth, or Towel

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How to

This process is the same regardless of your blanket pattern! Some of our free knit blanket patterns include...

Get the instructions for...

Quiet Plaid Baby Blanket

Eyelet Baby Blanket

Argyle Baby Blanket

and even more...

Rosebuds and Ruffles Baby Blanket

Diagonal Basketweave Blanket

and even a  couple  more...

Lightweight Linen Stitch Throw

Half-Linen Stitch Blanket with Faux Fur Trim

Example 1:  Diagonal Basketweave Stitch Blanket:

Example 2:  Linen Stitch Blanket:

Example 3:  Cloverleaf Eyelet Baby Blanket:

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