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Knit Blanket Pattern-Linen Stitch & Crochet Fringe

This Knit Blanket Pattern is perfect for cool Spring and Summer nights. The free, printable pattern uses the Linen Knitting Stitch to create a woven-like fabric and simple crochet to create a lovely crochet fringe edge. 

For all my friends who have been asking for a lightweight knit blanket pattern for these warmer months…this is your lucky day.

This was the first time I used the linen stitch to knit and I am smitten! (Smitten Knitten!)

How to Knit the Linen Stitch

The linen stitch is nothing more than knitting (or purling) every other stitch, while slipping the stitch in-between. By carrying your yarn on the right side when slipping, a woven pattern results. The stitch is worked in multiples of two and is a two-row repeat. The linen stitch is an easy stitch, but it is a bit more time-consuming than a stocking stitch. But, oh my, it is worth it!

As its name implies, the linen stitch creates, to me, more of a woven fabric than a knit and one that is just lovely on blankets, throws, shawls, etc…  It is especially useful for those items that you would like to stay ‘flat’ as it doesn’t curl up at the ends thanks to moving the yarn and slipping stitches.

Close up of Knit Blanket Pattern

Once again, it is not a hard stitch to learn…there’s a tad bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, your brain and hands just take over.

And this is one stitch in which the back looks just as lovely as the front

front and back of linen stitch blanket

For this linen stitch knit blanket and crochet fringe pattern (52″ by 52″), I used:

Some of these links may be affiliate links and I may earn a small commission off of the sale of these products, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

Blocking your Blanket

Once you’ve spent the time to create your beautiful knit blanket, make sure you finish it properly by blocking it. The active blocking time will only take 30-45 minutes, with another 1-2 days of dry time, so plan accordingly. Follow this link for instructions on how to block your knitting and the materials I use.

If you want to resize your blanket, I have explained that process in this post: How to Resize a Blanket, Washcloth or Towel.

Berroco’s Remix (a worsted weight yarn) and Remix Light (a DK weight yarn) were perfect for this pattern. Not only do I love the blend of linen, silk, cotton, acrylic, and nylon; but the nubby and soft lightweight yarn is also machine washable! SCORE! An imperative for a blanket, to be sure.

knit blanket pattern using linen stitch and finished with crochet fringe , laying on desk.

And Remix has an interesting story. This yarn is the result of garnetting discarded garments and fabric from the fashion industry throughout Europe. So the ‘remix’ name is quite appropros…it’s the recycling and remixing of discarded fabric to create this soft and tweedy yarn. That’s quite cool.

I made two videos to explain the whole process.  The first video shows the linen stitch for the knitted blanket body.  The second video gives instructions on the crochet edge and tassels.

For the first, linen stitch video I also show the tips I use to stay on pattern and to bind off in pattern

For those of you new to crochet, I hope that the second video will be helpful as I tried to show specific steps to make the crochet fringe.

I am definitely keeping this blanket for our home, but have already received a request…this is my kind of knit project to make and gift. And I imagine I will use the same yarns; I love how they knit up in this pattern. If you do plan to make this blanket as a gift, consider adding one of these care tags, detailing the yarn fiber content and washing instructions.

Knit blanket with knit care tag tied on.
linen stitch knit blanket with crochet fringe in tissue paper

Skeins of Yarn Tissue Paper

If you dig this linen stitch knit blanket pattern with crochet fringe as much as I do, then bookmark this page or pin the following image for your future reference.

Looking for a knit blanket project for the warmer months? This free knit blanket pattern uses the lovely linen stitch and is finished with a crochet edge and tassels. Printable PDF and videos showing both knit and crochet techniques.

Looking for another project with a crochet edge? Check out these perfectly adorable pillowcases

Berroco was kind enough to send me the yarn I used in this project.  Thanks, Berroco!

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Thanks for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today.

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    1. Great Karen…just at the very beginning planning stages…I’ll let you know when it starts to come together my friend.

      Have a fantastic day.


  1. Lynn this is beautiful… What a wonderful talent you have and I’m in complete awe… Check out Fancy Fibers in Farmersville, TX – they have an online Etsy shop. Anyways she raises the animals, shears and then cleans, spins and dyes the yarn. Her products are amazing and I know you would enjoy using them. Years ago we went on a field trip to her place and then volunteered one time on sheering day. (I know her daughter) Something to google anyways. and I know you could make something absolutely amazing with her yarn. Have a great day – Carole

    1. Aw, thanks my friend.

      I will check them out…wish I lived closer…guess I might have to take a field trip!

      And I surely would love to knit with some fun fibers!

      Thanks for the tip Carole.

      Hugs, Lynn

  2. I have subscribed and the site keeps telling to subscribe. I would really like to view this, but no luck.

    1. Ugh, Let me know if you are still having problem and I’ll send pattern right to. Sorry for any glitches my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  3. YES YES YES!! I inherited my Mother in laws wonderful yarn, and need to learn to knit! Thank you for your offer and I would be the first to sign up.

    1. Great Sandy…just at the very beginning planning stages…I’ll let you know when it starts to come together my friend.

      Have a fantastic day.


    1. Oh great Carla! I am just in the beginning of the planning stage, but will surely keep you posted as I get closer.

      Have a great day my freind,

      Hugs, Lynn

  4. Thank you for the lovely pattern. I’d be interested in knitting lessons. I know the basics.

    1. Oh great Veronica! Just beginning the planning process, but will keep you posted as I get closer. Thanks for your interest my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  5. Lynn, I am very interested in the linen stitch blanket and would love to make this. I watched both videos but I am unable to find the pattern. I am a subscriber to your page but I have been unable to find the pattern in this post. Could you possibly e-mail me the pattern?


  6. I was trying to access the pattern from the library. Guess I forgot my password. How can I retrieve or reset my password. Love your blog.


    1. Fantastic Tammy. I will let you know as I get closer…just beginning to plan now but wanted to make sure that someone might find it useful.

      Have a great day my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

    1. Great Sue! I am just beginning to plan but will happily let you know as we get closer.

      Have a great day my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  7. It is a beautiful blanket, thank you for sharing the pattern, and I would be interested in classes.

    1. Oh great Cindy! Just beginning the planning process, but will keep you posted as I get closer. Thanks for your interest my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  8. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for showing the video of linen stitch for the beautiful blanket. You make it sound so easy. I would love to have an online course taught by you.

    1. Oh great Barbara! I am just in the beginning of the planning stage, but will surely keep you posted as I get closer.

      Have a great day my freind,

      Hugs, Lynn

  9. This is a beautiful blanket, and the video was very easy to understand. Yes, I would definitely be interested in more videos on knitting and different stitches! Julia

    1. So glad to hear that Julia…just at the very beginning planning stages…I’ll let you know when it starts to come together my friend.

      Have a fantastic day.


  10. I’m a subscriber, but I’m able to access the pattern. In the meantime I’ll be making the eyelet baby blanket. Gotta keep these old hands busy !

    1. Aw thanks Arlene! I’m having a ball with my blog, but it makes it so much more fun with great ladies like you on the other end. I’ve got your name when I get closer to getting this knitting class off the ground and will keep you posted.

      Have a great week my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  11. This blanket is beautiful Lynn and the crochet trim just puts it over the top! The texture of the finished piece is so unique and would be such a nice addition to any room’s decor. I would definitely be interested in a knitting course that you offered. I have learned many crafts over the years, but knitting is something I have never done, so I would be a total beginner.

    1. I’ve got your name Dorene. Just barely in the planning stage so it will be a little while, but I will let you know when things start forming up. I do love learning new skills…really wanting an embroidery machine for my birthday to try my hand at that!

      Hope your weekend has been great!

      Hugs, Lynn

  12. Could you ;lease email the ;pattern as to how many stitches I need
    to cast on. This is so beautiful and I was t to make it for my

  13. Boa noite. Não consegui ter acesso ao padrão. Já fiz minha inscrição. Como proceder?
    Good evening. I could not access the pattern.
    I already applied.
    How to proceed?

  14. Absolutely LOVE this pattern and yarn selection. I’m in Canada and to order this yarn makes it cost prohibitive. Do you have any suggestions for similar yarn, that is less costly? Thank you.
    I’m a fairly experienced knitter, so likely wouldn’t access a course. But, the videos are always appreciated.

    1. Ugh, I hate to hear that Dawn. None of your local stores carry Berroco? Or is it that they do, but the price is so high because of the currency differences?

      I did find this yarn sub chart, but there is a disclaimer because the remix is such an unusual yarn.


      Let me know what you find out, I imagine you aren’t the only one with that problem. I will also reach out to my contact at Berroco and find out what she says.


  15. Hi Lyne. I’m really nee to upur site and sm lobing it. My mom tuvht me to knit as a child but I dropped it a lot of years ago. Now I have one grandchild and hope there will be more some day. I would love the opportunity to learn again and hopefully learn so much more. I’m realky enjoying ypur videos. This linen stitch looks beautiful and can’t wait to try it.

    1. Hi Gwen, I am so happy to have you here!

      How lucky you are to have grandbabies to knit for! And how lucky they are to have a Grandma who wants to knit for them!

      Wishing you a lovely day my friend,

      Hugs, Lynn

  16. I would love a knitting class! I am left handed and no one yet has been able to teach my arthritic fumble fingers how to knit. The blanket is beautiful and I would love to make them for my kids and grandkids. Thanks for offering to teach!

    1. Hi my friend, I will keep you posted on the class. I’m a right-hander, so will look into skills for you lefties!

      Hugs, Lynn

  17. It’s says I have already subscribed but I cannot access the pattern. I would really love to make this.

  18. I can’t find this pattern, could you send, please! Thank you
    It’s beautiful
    I made several of your wash clothes To give for Christmas presents – my family loved them. Thank you again!

  19. i love the linen stitch blanket with crochet edging. I am a subscriber to our webpage.

    I am unable to find where I can download the knitting pattern.

    Would you kindly have someone email the pattern to me at
    [email protected]

    Your assistance would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

  20. I am a subscriber. Tried several times to get the Linen Stitch blanket delivered to my email but have not received it. What am I doing wrong?

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