Trivet Pattern

step-by-step and illustrated instructions to ensure your i-cord success

I-Cord Knit

I-Cord Uses

I use applied i-cords to finish washcloths or dishcloths and even add a faux fur trim to a blanket!

This time, we will knit a stand-alone i-cord and then coil it upon itself for a super sturdy and attractive trivet.

supplies needed

US 15 Double Pointed Knitting Needles

100% cotton 5mm rope

2-2.5" Darning Needle

Matching Thread & Thimble

Faux Leather Tabs

how to knit the  i-cord

First, learn to knit a long (54″) i-cord. Then, we will give instructions on how to coil the i-cord to make the trivets. Cast 4 Stitches onto the double pointed needle.

Move the four stitches to the tip of the needle so that the working yarn and the tail, cast-on end are to the left of your 4 cast-on stitches. Pull to the left to create a cord.

Start knitting the 4 stitches and push them back to the right side of the dpn, ensuring that the working yarn is on the left side and in back.

Gently pull down on the tail, cast-on end of the yarn; this will help form the cord or tube. Knit the 4 stitches again, and slide them back to the right side of the needle and repeat.

Continue until your cord measures 48″, then bind off as instructed in the full post.

Finish your trivet with a leather tag.

Give them a trivet!

Keep some for yourself, and give others away as gifts!

For a printable version of the instructions, simply click the link below, dwnload and print!


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