Sparkly Tinsel Christmas Trees

Welcome to my Dining Room!

This front window was just begging for a tree, don't you think? A sparlkling "Champagne-colored" tinsel tree seemed just he perfect fit.

my Waterford tree

I wanted needed to have a smaller tree to hang the Waterford ornaments that my husband has been gifting me every Christmas for the past 34 years.

These ornaments are truly the milestones of our life together.

From our first year as a married couple to the year that our daughter was born…

…to the year our son was born, these ornaments are mementos of all those events.

The Stand...

I planted my tinsel Christmas tree in a pot of plaster of paris to keep it stable and more difficult to knock over.

Funky Little Tree

The Funky Little Tree holds the old and fragile ornaments of both sets of our grandparents.

I am so thankful that these treasures were passed down to us and I feel obligated to keep them safe until they are passed down to our children.

Thanks for stopping by my house!

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 Merry Christmas!