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Sparkly Tinsel Christmas Trees

I was beyond tickled to be invited by one of my favorite blogging people to join in her 2019 Christmas Tree Hop. Susie, of The Chelsea Project, is another one of those friends I would never have met had it not been for this blogging journey I embarked upon several years ago. And if it were just Susie and me in this hop, I would’ve been very happy. But Susie has gathered several other bloggers who I admire and consider friends.

Do you know those progressive dinners where you have appetizers at someone’s house and salad at another person’s house? In essence, you are joining our Progressive Christmas Party, sipping on our wassail and nibbling our gingerbread as we traipse from home to home, ogling over each other’s beautiful Christmas trees.

If you are stopping by my house for the first time, welcome! I’ve got the hot wassail on the stove in the kitchen. Grab a cup and join me in the dining room for the first of my two sparkly tinsel Christmas Trees.

We have been in this home for almost 6 months and I am still figuring what to put on walls and where to put furniture, but I knew before we moved in that I wanted to put a small tree in this front window. And, I knew what I would put on the tree. 

For several Christmases now, I have been saying that I wanted needed to have a smaller tree to hang the Waterford ornaments that my husband has been gifting me every Christmas for the past 34 years. I mean, when there were 2 or 14, then they didn’t deserve their own tree. But now that their ranks number 34, it is well past time for their own tree. I found this one on Amazon…I got the Champagne and it is not as gold as shown in the image on Amazon, truly more Champagne-y.

These ornaments are truly the milestones of our life together.

From our first year as a married couple to the year that our daughter was born…

…to the year our son was born, these ornaments are mementos of all those events.

And because these ornaments are so valuable to us and because we have Peep the kitty who is typically up to no good, I planted my tinsel Christmas tree in a pot of plaster of paris to keep it stable and more difficult to knock over. 

The plaster of paris pot is in my mom’s old silver punch bowl and is covered by gold metallic cloth. 

A Christmas tree and a santa on a table.

And because when my friend invited me to share A Christmas tree I accidentally read that as AS MANY CHRISTMAS TREES AS YOU WOULD LIKE, I am sharing  our ‘Funky Little Tree’ which is its official name because it was what my then 4th grade daughter wrote on the box in which it is stored 330 days a year.

The Funky Little Tree holds the old and fragile ornaments of both sets of our grandparents. I have had this tree for years. Mine is 3 feet tall and is not ‘pre-lit’. I found a similar one on Amazon, but it is 4 ft. tall.

I am so thankful that these treasures were passed down to us and I feel obligated to keep them safe until they are passed down to our children.

The Funky Little Tree actually has had a rather exciting life! Several years ago we took it down to the beach (without the ornaments) for our family Christmas Card pictures…and accidentally left it there! I was at a performance when I realized what we had done and promptly called a girlfriend who hightailed it to the beach to retrieve it for me! Phew…I shudder to think what we would do without this Funky Tinsel Christmas Tree!

So, I’ve shown off my trees enough for today. I’ll let you go visit the other beautiful trees in this party now.

Sparkly Tinsel Christmas Trees

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  1. Tinsel trees are so cute! I used one last year in my dining room and loved it. So many great ideas! Thanks for hopping with me today.


    1. You just can’t be a cute tinsel tree! I actually have 5, but only 3 made the cut this year! We’ll see if the other 2 can bring their game next year.

      Merry Christmas!



    1. Aren’t they lovely! I am always so nervous putting them out each year…I want to preserve them for as long as I can.

      Merry Christmas!



  2. These are such fun trees Lynn! I can’t believe you have so many heirloom ornaments, what a treasure. I love how you have an ornament for each year you’ve been married. It’s a really sweet and thoughtful way to remember your time together. I loved your funky little tree too. It’s super festive and what a great story ha ha. It sounds like something that would happen in our family! I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Hi Coco,

      Oh yes, ‘stuff’ like that does seem to happen in our world! Luckily, most of the time we can giggle about it.

      And I cherish those crystal and vintage ornaments…always a bit nervous to put them out each year! I am very protective of them.

      Merry Christmas my friend!



  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE these little trees. First of all, with 34 Waterford ornaments…who needs a tree? How spectacular they are on their own! But the gold tinsel tree showcases them beautifully. Wish I had thought to buy a Waterford ornament every year. That’s so special. Love that Funky Little Tree, too. So glad you included it in the hop. We love vintage ornaments and family memories here. Thanks so much for sharing and hopping with us. Having you and your beloved trees are so special.

  4. Lynn – your home is so beautiful and festive! What a wonderful husband you have…the Waterford gifts are gorgeous on the tree. You probably have a walk down memory lane each year when you decorate. Thanks for sharing such great ideas too! Cheers – Vicki and Jenn

    1. Thanks Vicki and Jenn…

      While he can be a complete tightwad in some areas, he does like to buy jewelry and Waterford, so I guess I can’t complain!

      Merry Christmas!



  5. Lynn,
    Your Waterford Christmas tree is stunning. Such a special way to display so many gifts of love from your husband. What a treasure. And, who doesn’t want to see more trees? I love your funky tinsel tree too. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

    1. Merry Christmas to you my friend!

      I am very lucky that he continues to gift me each year with these sweet ornaments. But, may need a bigger tree soon! Already those ornaments are getting heavy.

      Wishing you and yours a fantastic holiday.



  6. Lynn, I agree that this is a great and talented group of bloggers that are sharing their trees. I love that you have been collecting those ornaments for years. We have a collection of ornaments that we add to every year and it is such a happy feeling to pull them out every Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas friend!!

    1. Hi there! Those collections are everything, aren’t they?! Almost a shame to tuck them away 11 months of the year! Hmmm….could I be that lady who keeps a tree up year round?

      Merry Christmas!



  7. Good morning Lynn, I love your tinsel trees and their look. Where can you buy these type of trees? I too have old ornaments that would look great on one of those trees.

    Thank you

    1. Hey there friend!!! Which one? I recently bought the gold one from Amazon. I’ve had the green one for years, but I’ll see if I can find a similar one.

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