Season Cast Iron

The Best Oils to

This post goes in-depth on the best oils to season cast iron.

Cooking with  Cast Iron

Cast iron has long been my preferred cookware when I need a non-stick surface, whether it is my cast iron skillets or Dutch oven.

Keeping your cast iron pans appropriately seasoned is imperative in maintaining the non-stick surface.


Seasoning cast iron is an ongoing process, and a well-used pan’s surface will improve over time as layers of seasoning build up.

How Does Oil Season Cast Iron?

Seasoning transforms the oil into a protective, non-stick layer through a chemical reaction known as polymerization and further thermal decomposition through a process called carbonization.

What makes an oil good for seasoning cast iron?

The ability of an oil to polymerize well and therefore create a good non-stick surface on a cast iron depends on a few factors, as listed in the full post.

Best oils for seasoning cast iron

Flaxseed Oil Grapeseed Oil Canola Oil Vegetable/Soybean Oil Sunflower Oil Peanut Oil Avocado Oil Beeswax Palm Oil & Bacon Grease

Avoid These Oils:

Butter Olive Oil Coconut Oil Sesame Oil Nut Oils Flavored Oils Infused Oils

Season Your Pan

For a non-stick cooking surface without added harmful chemicals.

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