Hi, I’m Lynn! Welcome to Nourish + Nestle.  

Nourish and Nestle is a blog that caters to those who are most happy creating and making. We focus on gracious living through nourishing and delicious meals, growing organic produce, tastefully furnishing our home and DIY-ing gifts, knitting and sewing projects, art, and decor. We share and encourage our readers’ passions for creative living and delicious eating.

If you like to bake it, make it, garden it and diy it, then you are in the right place!

lynn in kitchen

About me:

  • I live in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina
  • I have been married for 35+ years to Terry, my life and blog partner.  
  • We have a beautiful and kind daughter who is a medical student in Philadelphia and a quick-witted and gentle son who is pursuing his career in the tech industry in California.
  • I grew up traveling the world as a Navy junior and my family shares my love of travel.  We are always planning our ‘next trip’.
  • Our family is completed by the addition of Flora (aka ‘the Pretty Princess”), who just also happens to be ‘practically perfect in every way’ and for whom I bake special treats.  and Peep, who made me realize that I am a ‘cat person’ after all (well, I’m a Peep person)!
A cat lying on the ground
lynn knitting
Oyster shell mirror against a pale blue wall.
  • I want a home in which friends and family feel comfortable and ‘nestled’
  • I’d have to say that my decorating style is ‘eclectic’ and that a decorating ‘challenge’ is that I don’t have a favorite color or style.  I like them all and use them all!  The more, the merrier!
  • I’ll always opt for asymmetry over symmetry.
  • We love to work in the garden! It is a passion both my husband and I share.
  • I believe firmly in the healing power of spray paint!
  • I’m very focused on what we put into our bodies.  I believe in eating as close to the earth and as far from a lab as possible, which is what prompted me to start canning our stocks and broths, as well as pickles, jams and jellies.

jars of canned chicken stock
  • I love to bake, especially when my children are home so that I don’t have to eat it all!
  • Terry and I enjoy our hobby of organic gardening; an equally frustrating and rewarding endeavor in the hot and humid southeast. We are dedicated composters and have built our own compost tea brewer.
  • I think my family is deeply embarrassed over my devotion to ‘The Walking Dead’. (They’ll sing a different tune when the Zombie apocalypse happens and I’m the only one of us who knows what to do!)

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