Sharing an assortment of delicious and easy-to-make, homemade dog treat recipes.

Making your own dog treats is easy to ensure your 4-legged love is snacking on healthy, preservative-free goodies. And, in all likelihood, you will not need to go to the grocery store for these dog treat ingredients. The ingredient lists contain items found in most kitchens.

Even if you are not an accomplished cook or baker, baking for our furbabies is easy. As such, it is a great project to do in the kitchen with kids and young bakers. And let’s be honest, our furbabies are much less discerning and judgemental than many others we may cook for! AMIRIGHT?

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The Ingredient Lists for These Dog Treats Recipes are Flexible!

Don’t get caught up in the specific ingredient list. Many of these ingredients can be swapped for other ingredients and the recipes share ideas for some of these other ingredients.

For instance, feel free to swap any other grain you may have in your home for the grains in the recipes. And if you don’t have canned pumpkin, there are various substations you can use. Consider substituting mashed banana, cooked and mashed carrots, cooked and mashed sweet potatoes, or applesauce for the canned pumpkin.

The 3-Ingredient Dog Treat Recipe post details foods you should avoid when baking dog treats.

These recipes make a good number of dog goodies. As such, we often bag them up and gift them to some of our favorite furry friends. The goodie bag is especially welcomed by families of newly rescued pups!

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