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Knitters on your gift list? Looking for great gifts for knitters? We have some great gift ideas for your knitter friends. From a knitting tote bag to custom tissue paper to a knitting needle case and more

I've put together a collection of my favorite gifts for knitters. If you have a favorite knitter and are looking some knitting gift ideas, keep reading! Please Check back as I add to this page often!

Gifts for Knitters: Knitting Tote Bag

Knitting Tote Bag


Check out the patterns on these fondant molds !
Gifts for Knitters: Fondant molds in shape of knit patterns


Knitting Terms Tote Bag

Gift ideas for knitters: tote bag with knitting terms


Knitting Needle caseGifts for knitters: knitting needle case





Stitch Markers

Knitting Gift ideas: cute stitch markers


Leather Labels

gifts for knitters: leather labels


Gifts for Knitters: knitting scissors

Skeins of Yarn Tissue Paper

gift ideas for knitters: custom tissue paper with printed yarn skeins

Gifts for Knitters: yarn skein tissue paper

Gifts for Knitters: Pinterest Pin

Looking for more ideas? Our friends at Michaels will have ideas for most every knitting need under the sun. You can order online here and have it shipped or you can pick it up at your convenience.