Skillet Brownie Sundae

For the past 20 years, a favorite family dessert has been brownie sundaes with hard toffee and caramel sauce.  My husband and brother-in-law ask for this dessert at every opportunity.  The

Easy To Make Hand-Embroidered Monogram Pillows

I recently updated the paint and bedding in our Master Bedroom.  I chose the light and airy Sienna Paisley from Pottery Barn.  The cool colors were definitely what I was

I was nominated for the Liebster Award!!

Wow…checked my twitter account this morning and saw that beautiful Modern Mom nominated little ol’ me for the Liebster Award!  Not familiar with the Liebster Award?  Well…I wasn’t either until I

Compost Tea – What, Why and How?

If you’ve been following our Organic Garden Diary series (if you’re not you really should!), you have read about how well our garden is doing this year. In the 10 years

Fruity Protein Breakfast Bowl

Well, we survived Graduation Weekend.  It was a full-fledged family reunion/graduation celebration weekend with a birthday dinner for my 80 year-old dad thrown in for good measure.  We were so thrilled

Mad Sweet Potato Pasta

Terry and I moved to Nashville, TN in 1992 and spent 10 fantastic years there.  We were there when Nashville went through a fantastic resurgence and growth.  We were there

Updating a Breakfast Nook Chandelier

We have been in our current home, which we designed and built, for 11 years.  It was the first house we ever built and while there are things I would

Caught my eye (June 5, 2015)

            Hope this has been a good week for you and yours.  Its a beautiful day today here in Southeastern North Carolina!  Here’s some of