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5 Great Tips to Make Life Easier: Five Tips Friday #11

Five Great Tips to Make Life Easier

How did it get to be Friday so quickly? And September? Seriously?  Wow!

For you regular Nourish and Nestlers, you know that the first Friday of every month is our Five Tips Friday feature, a short post all about Tips to Make Life Easier, a little more organized and maybe with a few more $$$ in your pocket.

And since I’m a huge believer in crowdsourcing, if you have noodled a way to do something easier or cheaper…please consider passing it on. I’d love to incorporate tips from our readers into the Five Tips Friday list. Email your tips to [email protected]

So, if you have a hack that makes life easier, is a less expensive way to do something or saves you money…bring it!

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Tips to Make Life Easier:

  • We have been using this tip for years! I have always found that most pumps (whether for soap, shampoo, lotion, etc…) dispense more than you really need for the job. By putting a rubber band on the stem of the pump, you are able to reduce the amount of liquid that comes out.
  • I was so tickled to see this box at one of our favorite restaurants.  Did you know you can recycle your child’s used crayons? The Crayon Initiative recycles used crayons by melting them down and then provides them to art programs at Children’s Hospitals throughout the country! Their program keeps the crayons out of landfills and puts them into the hands of young hospital patients! How great is that?

Many restaurants have the drops boxes and you can also print off a label at reduced shipping to ship your crayons here.

  • Instead of tossing out your leftover coffee…fill an ice cube tray with the coffee and freeze it. Then use your cubes in your iced coffee or (as I do) in a cup of milk or as part of your morning coffee smoothie! A cup of coffee is too much coffee for me, but a couple of cubes of coffee in a glass of chocolate milk…um…pretty perfect! I’m one of those folks who love the flavor of coffee, but a full cup of it is just too much.
  • This tip has saved the side of our cars for years now! We designated a bike ‘parking space’ in our garage with brightly colored duct tape to show the kiddos where their bikes should be parked.  Instead of having the bikes just dropped anywhere, this created some sense of order. If you are trying to restore order in your home, I have 100 great decluttering and organization tips for you.
  • Don’t you hate it when you get a wee hole in your favorite T-shirt? 

That recently happened to me and I’m going to show you how I mended it.  I have tried mending with needle and thread before, but I have found that on a fine gauge t-shirt, it’s hard to have the mended spot stay ‘smooth’.

This time I tried using a little light fusible bond instead of traditional iron-on, which I topped with a lightweight stabilizer. I felt the traditional iron-on patch would have been too heavy for the fine gauge.

I then ironed the stabilizer with a medium heat iron.

As the fusible bonding is adhesive on both sides, you need the stabilizer between the iron and the bonding. If you look real close, you can still find the hole, but it’s so much better and much less obvious now. Plus, this mending will prevent the hole from getting any bigger.

Tips to Make Life Easier including mending a tshirt, recycling crayons, saving shampoo & lotions, bike parking & using leftover coffee.

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So, my friends, there are your 5 tips and lifehacks for this Friday. I hope you found something handy and if you have a tip you’d like to share, please pass it on! You can send it to [email protected].

Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today.

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Have a great weekend!


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