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Functional Organizing Ideas for Bedrooms + Bathrooms

While I don’t like to spend too much money on organizing supplies, there are a few organizing ideas for bedrooms + bathrooms that do help corral all the necessities in those spaces. We use these products or variations of them in organizing our bedrooms and bathrooms.

And if I’m 100% honest, having pretty organizational supplies makes the process just that much more enjoyable. After you’ve spent the time to declutter your bedrooms and bathrooms, reward yourself with a few functional organizing products to help you keep it organized.

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Organizing Ideas for Bedroom + Closet

  • These acrylic dividers are great to keep stacks of clothes from tumbling onto each other. We also use them in our linen closet to keep our pillowcases and sheets orderly.
black and white turtlenecks separated by acrylic dividers.
  • Store your wool, silks and, cashmere clothing in zippered plastic bags to keep them safe from hungry moths. This post has other suggestions for keeping moths away from your favorite sweaters, including this DIY moth-repelling sachet to tuck in with your sweaters.
Sweaters in plastic bags in a wooden cupboard.
  • If you or your significant other has a stack of hats that need to be wrangled, consider this hat hook.
  • Hanging your clothes by color makes it so easy to find what you need! This process also helps you identify the colors and styles you are most comfortable in. It’s pretty obvious in this photo that my ‘uniform’ is typically blue jeans and gray or white shirts! I’m exciting that way!
clothes closet.
  • A belt rack and wall-mounted jewelry organizer help you see exactly what you have. There are different styles of both of these, so make sure you give some thought to how you want them to work for you.
belt rack and jewelry hanger.
  • I use the wall-mounted jewelry organizer in the previous picture for my necklaces and chain bracelets and in-drawer jewelry organizers for my smaller pieces.
jewelry in organizer

Organizing Ideas for the Bathroom

  • I just treated myself to these plastic drawer organizers for my bathroom drawers. Right now I have a mishmash of organizing bins, which work fine, but these are on sale, and heck…I deserve it!
  • I typically prefer clean countertops, but there are a few items that make sense to keep easily accessible. I go through a lot of hand lotion, so I decanted it into one of these soap dispensers. Since I no longer have little ones in the house, I also felt safe putting ibuprofen into a cute little jar I picked up in Spain. Be on the lookout for attractive little containers that you can use to ‘decant’ products that you use regularly. I keep these little items corralled on a mirror tray, there are so many lovely options.
Mirror tray in bathroom.
  • I keep these little items corralled on a mirror tray, there are so many lovely options for vanity trays.
  • I really do try to keep items on our countertops to a minimum, but when it makes sense to have something on the counter, I relent. We seem to go through a lot of soap. Plus, I’ve read that unwrapping soap lets it harden even more, making it last longer. Not sure if that’s an urban myth, but it sure does make it easier to grab an already unwrapped bar from the shower! I decanted our mouthwash into the same bottles I used for the lotion…it is just neater that way. And I need to be reminded to floss, so I keep a container of flossers out there to nag myself. The small flosser container is a used candle jar that I washed and took the label off of. The larger, soap container, is a candle hurricane I picked up years ago. Use what you have!
soap, flossers and mouthwash on bathroom counter.
  • What does your undersink look like? Need more storage space? I’m trying to figure out if I *need* these organizers in our bathroom. They sure do have some nice features.
  • Our toilet is tucked away, not within reach of our vanity, which can be…inconvenient. I added a little shelf over the toilet that holds only toilet paper. But shelves in the bathroom can be useful or just decorative! There are many lovely options out there.
toilet paper on wall shelf.

I hope you find something useful or something that will make your decluttering and organizing project just a wee bit more enjoyable. Let me know if you’ve discovered more useful organizing ideas for bedroom and bathroom. We love to share ideas here!

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Images of organized jewelry and closet.
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