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2022 Declutter Challenge over 6 Weeks

We will dive into each area of our home over the 6-Week 2022 Declutter Challenge to fully declutter that space. When you join the challenge, each week for 6 weeks, you will receive an email with a decluttering checklist for specific areas of your home. Additionally, you will receive a link to a post with tips for clearing the clutter, again specific to those areas of your home.

I find the 2022 Declutter Challenge checklists very handy as they prompt me to look for items that might be out of sight, and therefore, out of mind. In fact, I find the checklists to be a little like a ‘Declutter Scavenger Hunt!’. Anything we can do to make the process a wee bit more enjoyable is always a good thing.

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Click the following button to join the 6-Week 2022 Decluttering Challenge at any time.

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What you can expect during the 2022 Declutter Challenge:

Week 1 will hone in on our bedrooms and bathrooms.  This first checklist includes 29 items commonly found in bedrooms and bathrooms that you can most likely discard and won’t miss!

During Week 2 we will turn our attention to our kitchen and laundry room. This checklist includes more than 30 items commonly found in kitchens and laundry rooms.

Week 3 will have us working in our dens and linen closets to clear the clutter that accumulates there. The checklist that accompanies this week’s email includes 24 items typically found in the den and linen closet.

Our Offices and Craft Rooms will get our attention during Week 4. With the 28 items found on this week’s checklist, we will have 110 total checklist items to find and possibly remove from our homes.

For the 5th Week, we will switch gears and spend time decluttering our devices: computers, phones, tablets and the like are black holes of clutter. Our checklist for this week includes 17 items.

For our 6th and final week, we will tackle the clutter in our garage and attic. The 23 items on our checklist will help us get rid of unwanted items from these two areas.

So, once again, if you’d like to participate in the 6-Week 2022 Declutter Challenge, click the following button, pop in your email address, and look for the first email to arrive immediately.

A cup of coffee in a gold coffee cup with Book

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