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How To Make Leather Cord Keepers

So, this is a fun little project! These Leather Cord Keepers are fairly quick to make and are so very useful! We use them to help identify each other’s charging cables and earbuds, and to corral the tangle of earbud wires that inevitably settles at the bottom of your bag or purse. Not only are they pretty darn functional, but they make a perfect gift! You could whip out a whole passel of these fun and functional DIY cord keepers in a couple of hours.

Materials and Equipment Needed for Leather Cord Keepers:

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Some Materials for Leather Cord Keepers

How to Make Monogrammed Leather Cord Keepers:

A video showing all of the steps to make these DIY Cord Keepers is available at the end of the post.

  • Adhere leather to a StrongGrip mat, smooth side down. Use your brayer or similar tool to make sure your leather is fully ‘stuck’ to the mat. If you adhere to the backside of the leather, all the little thready leather pieces will be stuck all over your mat and you will not be happy. PLUS…the smooth side of the leather adheres much better to the mat.
  • Download the Template and open Cricut Design Space. Set the material to leather, insert a deep point blade and cut your leather cord keepers.
    Cricut setting for leather
  • Make the tiniest clip on the bottom of the big round cut to enable the button to get through the hole without having to make the hole too big.
Make small slit in DIY Cord Keeper

(in other news…can we all agree that I am in dire need of a manicure! But the truth is…that’s just not high on my list of things to do)

  • Screw the studs into the smaller hole.  You may need to enlarge the hole to get the screw in…I used the weeding tool to make the hole just a wee bit bigger.
  • Set your leather cord keepers aside while you cut the gold initials out of the gold vinyl iron-on.
  • Make sure you mirror your initials before you cut them.
    Mirror Image
  • Cut apart the initials and weed the letters.
  • Measure to make certain that your letters are centered and placed where you want them.
  • Iron your letters on to your leather cord keepers.  Make sure you place a thin towel between the leather and the iron.  Set your iron to ‘high’ and turn off any steam function.
  • Set the iron over the letters for about 15-20 seconds…carefully test to make sure that the letters have adhered before you pull off the clear cover.
  • Tidy up all your cords with your handy and quite spiffy leather cord keepers!

Here’s the video:

With all the traveling we did this summer, we were constantly mixing up each other’s charging cables. Now that I’ve whipped up these babies, we are using them to keep everyone’s cords and earbuds separate.

Plus, if your earbuds always end up in a tangle in your purse, this simple cord keeper will keep them contained.

And these DIY Leather Cord Keepers are my kind of stocking stuffer! They put the FUN in Functional!

Opened Leather Cord Keeper
DIY Monogrammed Leather Cord Keepers are fairly quick to make, are so very useful! & make great gifts! Use your Cricut to cut the leather & iron on vinyl.

So, if you are inclined to organize your electronics cords with these Leather Cord Keepers or need to get started on Christmas gifts, bookmark this page or pin the following image.

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  1. I just love this idea, I will be making some for Christmas gifts and will not be very expensive or time consuming…Thank you

    1. Oh good Lou Ann! Not expensive at all and fun to make, in addition to relatively quick to make! Once you have that template set up, you can get your Cricut cutting while you put them together.

      Happy making my friend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  2. Just made these, only instead of monograms I used images to identify them uniquely so I could give them to co-workers. They are so cute! Thanks so much.

    1. What a brilliant idea! What images did you use? Were they from Cricut or something else? I’d love to share a picture on the post to give everyone else ideas.

    2. I can’t get the template/design to download. when I hit it screen goes directly to cricut design space. thanks

  3. Any link that is connected to the template, does not work. Can you please kindly help me?

    1. So sorry for any convenience Kristine! I’ve corrected the link in the post. I don’t know why, but in the several years that the post has been published, the link becomes unattached a couple of times now! I appreciate you letting me know.

      Have a great day, my friend.



  4. Hi, I’ve tried to download the template. It goes to cricut window and when I click on open app it doesn’t work. I have app on my phone already.

  5. These are so adorable!! It seems the template link isn’t functioning, could you possibly reset it again? I would love to make these.
    Thanks so m much!

  6. How do I get the circles to cut where they are supposed to? The are cutting outside the design. Thanks! These are so cute!

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