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The EASIEST DIY Moss Balls

How do you make decorative DIY moss balls? A quick and easy way to DIY moss balls for your home decor. Perfect DIY spring craft idea for any spring home decor

I am so tickled with these little decorative DIY moss balls…and yes, it’s entirely possible that I have a moss problem.

You see, I can’t seem to get enough of the spring-y green plant that thrives in the most uninhabitable spots.

I was all ” I ❤ Scotch Moss” earlier this spring, but it seems that while it can grow just about anywhere, it wasn’t particularly happy on my dining room table as part of my indoor spring decor. It MAY have had something to do with the fact that our newest family member, Quinn the kitten (who really only knows her nickname…”Peep”), also has a moss problem.

Dining Room Table Spring Centerpiece

While I was happy adoring the moss from afar, Peep felt the need to pull it out of the dirt and scatter it across my dining room table. Surprisingly, it eventually just kicked the bucket.

While I felt sorry for the moss, my more pressing concern was what to fill my Grandma’s milk glass urns with. I still have all the feels for moss, but I knew that circumstances (read ‘Peep the Kitten’) required me to do something other than another live moss plant. I was really looking forward to creating some spring crafts for my DIY spring decor.

Close-up of finished decorative moss ball
Decorative DIY Moss Ball

I liked the whole moss ball thing but didn’t see any when I went on a ‘fill the milk glass urns’ foray. So, I decided to make my own. I know,’ shock face’? Yep, DIY moss balls it is!

How to make a moss ball? 

HOWEVER…I really wasn’t digging the idea of trying to cover a round object (ball) with a square sheet of moss…what I really wanted was a ‘moss spray’ to spray a foam ball. Since that wasn’t happening, I noodled what I think is the next best thing…pureed moss! 

Preparing the faux moss mix

Say What? Yup…I put sheet moss in my food processor and pureed it.  Let me say that I love my food processor…not only do I use it for food, but I’ve crushed eggshells for my garden in my processor, and now I’ve pureed moss in my food processor.  

For those who are squeamish about pureeing food after I’ve pureed moss…clearly, I ran it through the dishwasher before I put food in it.

Materials to Make Moss Balls

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It really didn’t take much moss puree to cover the 6″ ball…just 2 ‘clumps’…I know that’s not really measurable, but just add it in small amounts until you have enough to cover your ball.

spraying adhesive to the foam ball

After I pureed the moss, I set it aside and sprayed my foam ball with spray adhesive. I put the ball on a skewer and went OUTSIDE to spray the adhesive…you really don’t want to do that indoors. 

Then I dumped the moss in a plastic grocery bag (you want something you can toss in the trash after you are done) and rolled the adhesive-covered ball through the moss. 

If you have some bare spots, hit those spots again with your spray adhesive and roll them again.

This video will walk you through the process of making your very own decorative DIY moss balls…with some jaunty music to boot!

A table setting with white urns filled with moss balls.

The fern I planted earlier this Spring is doing well, so these little DIY moss balls in their urns complement it well. I’m optimistic that my table’s spring decor will last several months longer.

Peep the cat playing with finished moss ball

And even though we’re still working on Peep’s table manners (read…’ get off the table’), I don’t think she can do much damage to these decorative DIY moss balls in the interim…not to say she won’t try.

DIY Moss Ball: Spring decor on kitchen table

I know they aren’t a new thing, but I was quite tickled that I could make moss balls so easily when I couldn’t find what I needed in my local stores.

Bookmark this page or pin the following image to refer back to this post on how to make moss balls in the future.

DIY Moss Balls: DIY Spring craft ideas - How to make a decorative moss balls for spring decor

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  1. Moss in a food processor! That’s so creative! I too am a sucker for the added accents of green in my home. Yours is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Your moss balls reminded me of a project I did for my youngest son’s grade school many years ago. We made Christmas trees from Ponderosa pine cones stuck in a salt-dough base. After the cone & base were dried (on top of our wood stove), moss was tucked in between the cone bracts. All materials came from our property in western Montana.

    1. What a great memory…I’m sure they were lovely. And how lucky for you to have that resource. Still haven’t made it to Montana…but it’s on the list.

      Have a great weekend.


  3. I absolutely love these Lynn, and the idea is genius! Your table is so fresh and cheerful. a lovely spot to dine, just make sure fresh moss puree isn’t on the menu! haha

    1. Hee Hee…no moss on the menu…I think!

      I am still loving that table…bringing the lovely green of spring indoors.

      Thanks for visiting my friend.


  4. Lynn, this idea was so clever. I would have never thought to purée the moss. I really love the video and it does look easy to make. The kitty is adorable!!

  5. Great idea for the moss balls. Might have to try this soon. Now for that precious Peep. One of my cats thought the dining table was the place to be. I begged to differ. Keeping a water pistol loaded and ready soon solved the problem. A stream of water coming out of nowhere didn’t hurt the kitty and it quickly solved the problem.

    1. Hi Nita, you are so right…it’s about time for the water pistol. I have had many cats over the years and by far, she is the most compliant so it won’t take long for her to get the message. We have already trained her to not go outside when the door is open…which has been my focus. But now that we have that pretty much nailed down, think it’s time to turn my attention to the dining room table.

      Thanks for popping in…

      Hugs, Lynn

  6. Hi Lynn- Want to make the moss balls, but I want them for outdoor porch- Will they work there as well. They will get the sun.

    1. Hi Annette,

      I’m not sure, to be honest. But my gut tells me that the sun will fade the moss. My understanding is that the craft moss is dehydrated but can be rehydrated. Let me know what you decide to do and if you do put the moss balls outside, how they handle it.

      Sorry I couldn’t give a more definitive answer.


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