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12 Fall Wreaths for your Front Door

I had to stop and check my calendar when I popped into Michael’s this week…I thought perhaps, unknown to me, it was actually mid-October and I had just woken up from a bout of amnesia…having slept through all of August and September. If the decorations are an indication, I should have all my trick or treat candy purchased and have some idea of what my table will look like for Thanksgiving.

Phew…did I heave a sigh of relief! Turns out, it truly is still August and so I do still have a little time to plan for all the fall festivities. But that jolt did get me thinking ‘fall’, which got me thinking “hmmm…what AM I going to do about a fall wreath for my front door this year?”

I gave this one that I made last year to my mom…so I need to noodle something new.

Illustrated instructions to make a fall wreath using oysters, magnolia leaves, magnolia seed pods and pheasant feathers. Perfect decor for your front porch.

Since I know I needed a little inspiration, in the off chance that you do to…I rounded up 12 lovely and creative fall wreaths from some talented bloggers…a little ‘fall wreath eye-candy’.

Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe turned a drop cloth into a wonderful neutral fall wreath…you could add color if you desired, but I do like the ‘calmness’ of this neutral wreath.

If you feel like getting your ‘power tool’ on, this beautiful wood monogram pumpkin would be a fun project.  Pop over to Reality Daydreams to get the how-to.

My friend Robin is so wonderfully creative…and this ‘wood’ wreath is one of her creative wonders.  You’ll be surprised to find out what she used to make this great wreath…head over to A Home to Grow Old In to find out the ‘secret’ ingredient.

What a great use of lovely papers to make an unusual fall wreath. Jeannie at Create and Babble created such a lovely and unique wreath.

Who says you have to hang a wreath on your front door? How about an olive bucket with lovely pom pom flowers...and switch it up for next season.  

I tend towards the natural, so this Magnolia and Pine Cones wreath is right up my alley.

Along the same lines, my friend Patti created a lovely Herbal Harvest Wreath…I can imagine the scent is heavenly and think it will be equally lovely when the herbs dry.

How about one more ‘natural wreath’? This simple twig and pine cone wreath from Shauna is just perfect on so many levels.  

One more from my friend Patti, this colorful felt wreath still feels ‘natural’ to me.

OK…not solely just a wreath a post, but a creative use of a thrift store plaid shirt…Sarah made the wired ribbon for this simple and traditional wreath.

Well, if you needed some ideas for fall wreaths, I hope these 12 beautiful ones will give you a little inspiration.  They surely helped me narrow down my thoughts.

Feel free to bookmark this page of fall wreaths or pin this image for your future reference.

A round-up of 12 beautiful fall wreaths that you can make yourself. Links to each wreath where you can get the how-to's to diy your own wreath.

And, if these fall ideas are not enough for you, please check out my fall ‘open house’ with natural decor for other inspiration.

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  1. As always love Patti’s wreath examples and the others are sweet too. But that first one you made is super cool… Normally this time of year at our place it’s quail harvesting season which makes me think a wing feathered quail wreath would look neat for fall… It would also probably offend many so probably not a good idea..

    1. Hey Carole, Patti is crazy talented with a wreath…and why would quail feather offend anyone…don’t they lose them naturally?

  2. Hi Lynn,

    What a beautiful selection of front door wreaths you have here. Lots of inspiration. I love the one you gave to your mom. Thanks for including my projects. Can’t wait to see what you create this year.

    1. Thanks Patti! And my selection was made all the better for your two beautiful wreaths. Thanks for letting me include them.

      Have a great week.

      Hugs, Lynn

  3. I love the first wreath you made from magnolia leaves and oyster shells. Do you have a source for the shells for someone who’s inland (ATL) like me? I’d like to try my hand at the oyster shell mirror also – I have everything but the shells!
    Growing up in NOLA (Arabi), oyster shell parking lots were everywhere! It wasn’t summer until we walked barefoot to the Chateau (convenience store) for candy and one of us got a cut on an oyster shell in the parking lot. How did we ever survive?!

    1. Hi Pamela,

      I take for granted how lucky I am to have ready access to oyster shells! But before you buy any, you surely have some fresh fish stores in the area. I’d check with them first. If you can’t find any and don’t have a trip planned to the coast anytime soon, I know you can buy them on Etsy.

      And isn’t that the truth, the things we did growing up!

      Good luck and keep me posted on your projects.

      Hugs, Lynn

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