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Ten Great DIY Oyster Shell Crafts

As the crow flies, I am probably 1 mile from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Intracoastal Waterway is between me and the deep blue sea and to drive to the beach would take 10 minutes, from door to shore.

My kiddos attended a school that was within walking distance to the beach. In fact, this school is located on a spit of land that extends into a marsh off of the Intracoastal and their curriculum included Marine Science and Kayaking.

All that to say, my world is heavily influenced by the Ocean and its bounties.

But, while my home is close to the beach, I don’t want my home to be a ‘beach house’…if you know what I mean. I think I would get tired of looking at beach and nautical decor day in and day out.

I little smattering of beach-y is OK, but not too much. I have a few bowls of shells about the home, in addition to my three oyster shell DIYs…but, that’s about it.

But those Oyster Shell projects…they are some of my favorite home decor projects. It’s been almost 2 years since my last oyster shell project, but I’m feeling the need to go scrounging through some local oyster piles and make some new DIY oyster shell crafts. 

All this led me to do some internet searches for inspiration for my next oyster shell project. I haven’t nailed it down yet, but I’m noodling some ideas.

Oyster Shell Lampshade: an easy DIY
Two years later and I still enjoy turning on this lamp in the evening…I love the way the soft light filters through the shells in this Oyster Shell Lampshade.
Check out this project
Oyster shell clusters.
DIY Oyster Shell Clusters
My very first Oyster Shell project was inspired by Oyster Clusters in a hotel we stayed at on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I came home inspired to recreate these simple seaside statement pieces.
Check out this project
Oyster Shell Mirror on a wall with a vase of flowers.
Easy to Make Oyster Shell Mirror
Perhaps my all-time favorite home decor project…ever. I get so many compliments on this Oyster Shell Mirror and am truly thrilled with how well this turned out. Once you gather your shells, it really is an easy project…like a big round puzzle.
Check out this project
A Fabulous And Unique Handmade Candles Gift Idea
Claire’s site is full of fantastic and fun crafts and these simple Oyster Shell candles are no exception. They would be perfect for a lovely, seafood dinner party and would also make fantastic gifts.
Check out this project
DIY Oyster Shell Dishes
These little Oyster Shell Dishes are perfect catchalls for your rings and earrings, but would also make great salt cellars on your table.
Check out this project
How To Make A Oyster Shell Candle Holder
Maria’s Oyster Shell Candle Holders look lovely as a group gracing the center of your dining room table or as a single candle holder on your coffee table
Check out this project
DIY Oyster Shell Bookends
The tumble of oyster shells on these bookends would be fun to ‘sculpt’ and shape. I can also see adding some smaller shells along the edge of the bookend.
Check out this project
Beachcombing at the Dump
What a FUN lamp! Joan used a thrift store lamp base and covered it in oyster shells for this one-of-a-kind lamp.
Check out this project
Quick Tutorial To Make A Glamorous Oyster Shell Ornament
Claire used gold paint and jewels to bedazzle oyster shells into lovely Christmas ornaments.
Check out this project

While I focused specifically on oyster shells, you could easily substitute any type of shell or combination of shells for these projects. I saw some mussel shell mirrors on Google that were elegant with their purple/black hues.

If you can’t find the supplies you need at home,  Michaels will have supplies for most every crafting need under the sun. You can order online here and have it shipped or you can pick it up at your convenience.   

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Thanks again for spending a few minutes of your busy day with me today and I hope you found some inspiration if you are pondering DIY oyster shell crafts.

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